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I'm wondering what everyone's safe foods are and what you when those safe foods are no longer safe for you. Just interested because bread and cup-a-soups are normally my safe foods but now I can't keep them down and am afraid to try anything else.

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Nothing is "safe" for me. I don't trust food lol. I can have something one day and it will be okay and stay down and eat it the next day & puke. It's very annoying and I never know how it's going to react.

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That is really hard - I'm sorry the foods you've felt safe with now aren't working. I think most of us have had that to some degree or other. One day you can eat something and be completely okay and the next it makes you sick.

I will preface this by saying I think I am on the milder end of gp, and for me domperidone really works.For the most part I am okay with bread and crackers, cheerios,, applesauce, yogurt , carnation breakfast shakes, baked potatoes, a little fish, a little chicken, very soft pear (no skin) rice, cottage cheese, eggs, low fat ice cream,pasta with mild sauces. Hope this helps.

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I will say mine is very severe and worst case scenario. My gastric emptying is almost non existent and I'm currently on tpn.

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I do not trust food either. I totally and completely agree with that. Also, on that note, no food is all messes me up at some point, without warning.

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As long as I stick to white rice, turkey burger, and zuccini, I do pretty well. If I am in the middle of a flare, nothing works. When I know I am going into a stressful situation, I try to stick to the turkey burger/zuccini/white rice routine and it helps.

Trice- i would really suggest you try to go gluten-free for a while and see if that helps you (see my comments in your post about gaining weight).

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My last GES showed moderate gastroparesis but most of the time I'm able to eat solids still. I am in a flair up that is now in it's fourth week so even though I've been pretty nauseous, in pain, and vomiting. I'm still trying to eat some solid foods when I can just to keep my strength up. I've tried staying on only liquids for a couple weeks during this flare-up, then semi-solids, pretty easy to digest solids and now I'm doing a mix of all of them. We have tried a variety of diets too including a gluten free diet but it didn't help at all.

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I just went to ER in the middle of the night and came home at about 11am after being dosed up on Zofran with Ativan and then Phenergan (which made me seriously HALLUCINATE!) and I'm super weary of eating at all because yesterday was such a bad day and none of my anti-nausea meds were working at all. I'm waiting on my doctor to call in Marinol but I guess that won't be until Monday. So I'm heavily thinking about what I can possibly safely eat and right now I don't even know.

In general my safe foods have been rice, rice chips, gluten free pretzels, and potatoes. I don't honestly seem to do well on liquids and beyond water there's one flavor of pedialyte I like and can do an may be drinking a lot of this weekend. A lot of the time liquids seem to honestly make my tomach feel more upset and worse for some reason.

I also have refused to really stray from my safe foods in the last two months because I've been having a really bad time. I got brave on a good day and had fish at my only two meals. Then I had fish yesterday and was vomiting so I know I need to be careful. Yesterday I even puked my rice chips. So I really don't know. But I'm guessing eating that much fish in a short time made me sick. ish I love and try to eat for protein and just because it's something I really enjoy but it is aloso the one food I throw up maybe once or twice a month. I've thrown up other foods but most commonly fish. So no fish for me right now!

I think I'm resorting to my baby food diet. I love the baby food brand Sprout that is made by the chef Tyler Florence. It all taste pretty darn good actually. So I tink that and some other baby food I have around is what I'm eating for at least the next few days until my stomach settles some. Baby food fruit I can do. Not so much the veggies.

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Tz- I hallucinated on IV Zofran and Benedryl. I saw my big fluffy white cat sitting next to me in the ambulance- pretty sure he didn't actually come along with me, lol.

I found some of those gluten-free pretzels and they are SO GOOD!

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My safe foods usually include... tapioca pudding made with rice milk. Nutrigrain bars. Frozen waffles. Tuna salad on a few crackers. Usually can tolerate white rice with nutritional yeast (which I just discovered and LOVE) with a little bit of non-dairy spread. Bagel thins. deli turkey on sandwich thins. Spaghettios. Beef ravioli.

Favorite smoothie recipe:
half frozen banana, some crushed ice, about 1/2 cup of rice milk, about 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, 1 tbl rice protein powder, and about 2 teaspoons of carob powder.

I really don't like sugary drinks like juices or gatorade. Can't tolerate splenda. Just discovered that I love Vitamin Water from walmart. Yummy and has some electrolytes in it instead of plain water.

I'm currently having intolerance of pretty much everything. Just made some egg drop soup in hope that it will give me a little bit more than lipton cup of soup which I'm sick of. This morning for breakfast, I had half of frozen banana blended with an orange italian ice.
Hope this spreads some ideas. I will have to look for the rice chips mentioned above. I'm trying to explore new products and ideas.

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What kind of gluten free pretzels did you get? I like Glutino because they're made in Israel but my absolute favorite is the Gluten Free Snyder's pretzels. They're a bit thicker and have a nice crunch and taste. I nibble them a lot when not feeling good.

And the cat thing is funny. I would close my eyes to sleep when the Phenergan washed over me and I kept seeing myself in different places and rooms with people around me. Once I thought I was actually eating. Another point I was convinced I had a cigarette and was smoking and i forced my eyes open and looked and my hand was out but I obviously wasn't smoking. But every time I closed my eyes I would go somewhere else and I was a bit twitchy. I asked for help but before anyone ever came I guess i fell asleep.

Anybody know if Phenergan can make you twitchy and shaky like Reglan? I take Phenergan sometimes but that was the first time I ahd it in an IV and whoa!

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Mine is saltines and various banana sorbets. Cottage cheese and baby food works. Mine is pretty severe but I'm still struggling to get a little solids down.

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The rice chips that I mentioned are made by a great brand called Lundberg Farms. And I've seen then generally near the chips and pretzels everywhere from Whole Foods to Kroger and Meijer which are the two main grocery chains in Michigan. They have other flavors but I always get plain sea salt. I really love them. They go nicely with hummus sometimes too. And they're vegan and gluten free. Before I found out gluten was making em worse I sued to nibble saltines all the time and now I do the rice chips. And the company that makes it is just a cool place and very environmentally friendly.

Vitamin water definitely is better than gatorade. Like you I can't tolerate sugary drinks and mostly drink water. You should maybe look into trying Pedialyte (or a cheaper store brand, it's just as good) I really like the fruit flavor and I try to drink pedialyte on my bad days or when I'm not able to eat much. It has a lot of the electrolytes, probably moreso than vitamin water, but is way easier to tolerate and a whole lot less sugary than gatorade! I always keep some on hand.

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Tz- I got glutino's. They also make a really good gluten-free pie crust mix. I made a pie with it for Thanksgiving and no one could tell it was gluten-free. The crust was light and flakey and didn't have that graininess that a lot of gluten-free stuff has.

I would caution everyone on drinking water when you have been vomiting, though. Water can be very irritating- I've been told not to drink plain water when I've been vomiting because it can irritate your stomach and make it worse. It's better to sip on flat soda, or even watered down juice. But it needs something in it to act as a buffer for your tummy.

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My safe food are waffles made from krusteaz mix. It is fortified and so has some nutrients and easy to digest. I just add water only to the mix.

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Ah, safe foods. One never quite knows.
I have moderate gp (and it appears to be getting worse) and celiac...and now have been advised to also add a tyramine-free and tannin free diet...yikes...had never even heard of the last two until a very smart doctor realized I was having silent migraine attacks which manifested by causing PVC's and other unpleasant-feeling things like rapid heartbeat and bizarre aura-like episodes , etc.
Tyramines pop up in certain categories of food (some/most nuts, alas, etc.) and in food that is kept longer than 2 days. No leftovers. (except frozen).
Tannins are also in a fairly wide range of foods, fruits.

So, what to eat in a flare?
It's constantly changing.

I eat almost no processed food...which makes life irritatingly food-centered. On good days I am fortunate (after reading your many posts)...I can puree a fairly wide range of steamed vegetables -- squash, sometimes broccoli, carrots, chard..I use the wonderful Vita Prep commercial grade processor. I also can do smoothies...but now cannot get near bananas (alas), raspberries, I use other fruits.

But during flares it's brown rice tortillas (small amounts ), very small amounts quinoa, small amounts of millet, brown rice pasta-- sometimes pureed.

I make and freeze my own chicken stock...keep soup-bowl sized portions...and during a flare will begin the day with a hot broth into which I put
whatever I can tolerate...bits of cooked carrot, bits of pasta, and whatever veggies that will not cause me to fall down on the floor.
Hot water with honey and lemon. Organic, sulfate free lemon curd. Trader Joe's fresh goat cheese (tiny amounts)...but this is problematic. I try to make a smoothie from fresh papaya and other fairly "mild" fruits...sometimes fresh kiwi.

Twice ground turkey meat...must be fresh or fresh frozen sometimes works.

Fish--must be fresh or fresh small amounts gets added to the chicken broth or eaten separately...salmon or halibut or cod. Try to get wild caught fish.

Pretzels? Used to eat Glutino Salt Free...but to my horror discovered they contain "yeast extract"-- which is the corporate name (misnomer) for MSG!! No more Glutino pretzels. Must make my own.

Make my own bread and occasional cookies.

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