removal of vagus nerve stimulator ref. damage

I had my vagus nerve stimulator removed. My vagus nerve was damaged. My vocal cords are paralyzed, can't swallow water, lungs don't function well, stomach and intestine problems, blood pressure and pulse fluctuate and other problems. I am losing weight, have muscle cramps, loss of appetite, constipation and sometimes diarrhea, extreme fatigue, violent coughs.
Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do?

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Benzonate 100 mg capsules needs an RX will stop violent coughs.

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Hello, sounds like a lot of what I go through with my autonomic nervous system. Is that why they put the vagus nerve stimulator in in the first place? Or did these symptoms just start now? I guess I need more info. Sorry you are feeling lousy I know what its like :( Cari :)

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Thank you Bess and Jolicary. I had the vagus nerve stimulator implanted to relieve depression. It was implanted long ago. It was supposed to have been totally explanted a year after implant because it failed to help my depression. I found out much later that a wire coil was left on the vagus nerve. The hospital recently removed it and now I have all the symptoms and a damaged vagus nerve. The worst things happening are my stomach and intestines don't work. I don't have bowel movements, am anemic, and lost much weight because of this. When I try to swallow I choke and cough so hard that I feel I will have a hemorrhage. My lungs seem to work at about 25%. My vocal cords are paralyzed and I can basically only whisper. I have spent many days, in another hospital, getting IVs because of dehydration. Actually, I am a total mess and feel useless. I have always exercised and been a strong and healthy person. Now I am wasting away very quickly and doctors only want to give me pills for symptoms.
I hope this explains things a little more clearly now. I do hope someone can offer some solid help.

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feel very sorry for you, know what you are going trough! It is devasting my nerve damage is compleet as a vagotomy!!! an notfunction normal

Do not know why doctors taking this risks

feel really sorry for ypu!!

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Thank you for the reply. I looking, desperately for permanent help and most of all a very good attorney. If anyone here is an attorney or knows a very good attorney please leave a message. It would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to you all and beware of doctors. They can be very deceitful and are not all good people as they make out to be.

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Hi Gladman, I wrote an article from Duffy & duffy attorney! The won a case for girl who sufferd from nervus vagus damage during nissen fundoplicatie! settlement 60 millions dollars. maybe you can contact them

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Thank you so much for sharing the information... I am going to search the name and hopefully locate them.
If I can help you please let me know. A favor deserves a favor in return.
Also good luck to you all. Please keep me posted if you can. Thanks again Maudy

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I called Duffy also and got referred to 2 attorneys which I had already contacted. They are on retainer from the hospital that damaged my Vagus nerve. I live in S.C. and truly need help finding a good attorney here. Duffy will only work in New York and maybe a few other states. The hospital I am up against is the most corrupt group of people you could imagine. They are a state hospital and have no to end to resources and connections to block law suits. They sit on the boards of Medicare, HIPPA and the board of Cyberonics(the corrupt company that manufactures the Vagus Nerve Stimulator). They call in 25 attorneys at a time an put them on retainer so that the attorneys have a conflict bringing a suit.
I certainly need help with a good attorney. Most seem to want a fast dollar and are really not interested in a clients suffering. I know there must be good attorneys out there.
Please leave a message or email me before time runs out.
Thank you Maudy and GOTGASTRO1 and everyone. Please keep in touch. I will do my best to help anyone I can.

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Thank you GOTGASTO1. It is nice of you to reply. I have found and attorney that is investigating my case. If something positive happens I will let you know.

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Search on malpractice vagus nerve damage and you will find information about the Lawsuits.Clifford Law

Report post This firm is supposed to be the largest firm for electronics????????

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Thank you very much Maudy and GOTGASTRO1. You two are helping me greatly and most of all giving me hope. I will monitor this site and posts. I'll let you know as things progress.

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First of all I want to wish you the best in gaining accountability with an attorney. It will help all who suffer from medical malpractice.

I had my vagus nerve damaged in nissen surgery (which failed) and as a result have gatroparesis and associated problems. I have had to move to another city to get competent medical care after suffering from incompetence for 2 years.

I obtained my medical files.

The surgeons and other doctors reports are total fabrications designed to protect the asses of the doctors involved should I bring a lawsuit. For example there is the surgeons report of the surgery itself and supporting documentation. ALL pure fabrication. They state no problems, everything routine, patient doing well. All a lie.

There was a report saying the surgeon discussed my condition with me and I agreed everything was O.K. That never happened. There were many references to my behavior as being troublesome and they listed the witnesses to this. Why in a medical report was it necessary to have witnesses identified unless it was anticipating legal action.

They kept me drugged on morphine for weeks after a routine surgery that was supposed to be one night in the hospital for observation. Yet they report everything routine, no problems.

Worse yet they refer to my behaviors as evidence of mental problems not mentioning that I was drugged on morphine. One of the papers I supposedly signed, I could not find one although they say it exists, that I agreed to see a psychiatrist for my mental problems. Never happened. A total lie.

They eventually discharged me when I was very sick saying it was me just being stubborn and refusing to eat and I agreed to see a therapist. Again, I never agreed to such nonsense, I never was presented with any such document.

It took months and 2 more hospital stays in different hospitals before gastroparesis was finally diagnosed.

Regarding my medical files. They had obviously been written, edited and some disappeared to protect against a lawsuit. There are big gaps in the records with no explanation as to why I was still hospitalized. No records of the medications they were pumping into me.

I found out much of what really happened from nurses who told me the truth and what I could remember when the drugs wore off and when the trauma that ensued started receding and my memory of this horrendous time in my life came back to me. Even to this day, over 2 years later, events of that experience come back to memory and I shudder realizing they almost killed me and if they did there would be no accountability as there really is none now.............................pamela

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Pam, your story looks like mine! I am 3,5 years post op now. Feeling so sick, dizzy, naussea, looks like my stomach is in my throath.
Difficullt breathing, pain in stomach and now also in belly. Looks likes it it spreading! Doctors will do nothing here, I am crying out for help. The think I am able to work but teally I can not! Pressure in upper body is so much! Headaches, feeling cold and shaky. Can not concentrate blurred vision and hearing loss with they did a test for! Also lost half of my hair! I am not the same women anymore, sharp pains in liver and spleen I think. At first a was losing lot of weight an now almost eat nothing and only ganing weight. Why are doctors not helping. They send my to psychiatrist almost there now for over a year! Tongue and mouth hurting to to less fluids in mouth.
I need lot of sleeping pills to get a few hours sleep. Losing it alll job, difficult for my husband and family. Ohh I regret this op so much it ruined my life!! i am so scared to live my life like this till the end! Stomach gurgelis! I do not nok what to do! I was a very active women!

Sorry for complaining,


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Hello Maudy, Pam, GOTGASTRO1 and all of you,

I read your post and feel like I am the one who told you what to write. My doctors and hospital did the same to my records but went even further. The hospital bugged my phones and intercepted my emails. I know they did this because I found my intercepted emails in the few medical records they did release (complete idiots they are). I cannot say allot because they may even monitor this site. They monitored online psychiatric magazines that I used to gather information. What they did was somehow keep the daily magazine from reaching me. Now that that part of the suit is over I am suddenly receiving the online psychiatric magazine again. It would take days to tell you how they invaded my life, my financial records, stole my civil and legal rights, let out my medical information all over the country, prevented me from seeing every single doctor I attempted to see, had judges give me false records, damn near killed me by drug overdoses several times, over medicated me to the point of being in bed for 20 hours a day for 10 years, had the police invade my home and try to plant something in it.
I can go on and on.
Right now my vocal cords are paralyzed, I choke when eating and drinking water so hard that it gives me hemorrhoids, my intestines feel like they will be in the toilet when I have a bowel movement, I am malnourished because my stomach and intestines do not absorb nutrients, my lungs are giving out, my back and kidneys hurt badly, my ears hurt, loosing hair, my heart feels it is stopping many days, if I lay on my side I get bad stomach pains and sick, I get gas, my mouth gets filled with so much stomach acid that my lips peel and get blistered, I get infections easily, my eyes blur and hurt, I get exhausted during the day and have to lay down, I cough all the time, if I turn my head a certain way I cough terribly, I get very dizzy, have no appetite, the stress is severe, I just feel life is slipping away, every doctor has told me to get a feeding tube drilled through my stomach, I am afraid of losing my colon or more, I have not talked above a whisper for months. I was so athletic and in shape and now am useless and tired all of the time.
As you can see I have been through the hell that you seem to have to suffer. The anger and stress are a motivator and a killer. I certainly can't wait to watch these doctors and hospitals talk out of both sides of their mouths when the lie and then try to tell another lie to cover up the first. I wish you luck with your lives and appreciate your regards to my coming episodes. I will keep posting to keep you up to date.
Please give all the advise you can. I will use it to strengthen my case and get this over as fast as possible.

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Gladman, this is terrible!!! This is Crime!!! Unbelievable but I believe!! Here is the same lying docters about my surgery and about what happend during surgery! They are working together and sent my to de psychaitrist!! The put me on Seoquel, Mirtazapine Venlavlaxine!!!
Nothing helps.. but because I am so sick the can make a document that it is in my head!!! Ha ha PP test showed complete ruined vagus nerve!! I am in pain all day ask my psychiatrist to help me stepping out of this life! But she said no I not giving up on you now!!

I predict all my family and the few friends... Watch it I will end up at Psychiatrist and yesss

Doctors must be honest When the Vagus Nerve is damaged, in combination with Nissen fundoplication it is Hell.

We are trapped!!

Thanks for sharing

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If years ago someone told me these things could happen I would not have believed it. I usually don't tell anyone any part of my story because I know they won't believe it and think there is something wrong with me. Even I, today, find it hard to believe. But, I have the medical records and the memories of what happened. It did happen and I'm not the only person who has experienced this sort of treatment/abuse.

Gladman: Wish I could help. One thing that did jump out at me was a feeding tube. I had a feeding tube for 3 months. It really saved me from even worse problems than I had. I was able to get the nutrition I needed and gain strength. I was able to start eating small amounts of food and drinking water. I eventually was able to have the tube removed. (It was a J tube.) That was about 2 years ago and I have been eating with the help of Domperidone since then.

Best wishes, Pamela

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I know exactly what you mean GOTGASTRO1. I knew what you meant in your first sentence. It is hard to trust the justice system but I have no other choice at this time. Please keep in touch and thanks.

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You are right Maudy, I was told many this was a crime by Federal Government Agencies. I was told it was being investigated but they played me to let time run out on my first law suit and then buried everything they could. I am not only sick but angry as hell that this could happen. This time I am taking a different route and hopefully getting good help. I am fighting local and federal government and the most corrupt hospitals I have heard of.

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