Pyloroplasty and Gastroparesis

Has any one had the pyloroplasty surgery? Did it help any. What if the small instestine is also slow does the surgery do any good? My Gi doctor said this surgery and if it doesn't work then the feeding tubes, don't know what to do. Anyone have any experience?

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Hello Janemarie,

My daughter had a pyloroplasty surgery that ended up turning into the Pyloric Valve bypass surgery as the Pyloric Valve was totally scared over and could not be saved. My daughter has a very complex medical history. The only bad thing that came out of the Pyloric bypass surgery is she had Dumping Syndrome now. Keep in mind she required a bypass of the valve.

You might see if the doctor would try Botox on the Pyloric valve before doing a major surgery.


Lesley - a/k/a NinaBean

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I agree with Lesley. I had the Botox last month and had some relief from, in that I am able to eat a few solids but not much. I still get the pain and nausea from it but it is slightly better. He has now sent me to see if I will get approved for the pacer as that is really my only option left.

For some people though the Botox works really well, so give that one a shot first. They do it during a regular endoscopy, but it is usually done in a hospital as opposed to an outpatient clinic like mine are b/c of the Botox and the type of scope needed to inject it.


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I developed dumping syndrome as a result of a pyloroplasty done during my 5 organ transplant. DS can be as bad or worse than GP. I'd consider it only as an almost last resort. I'm going through all kinds of crap with my DS and have been hospitalized at least 6 times from it (including this very moment) or complications related to it in the past year. It has had a profound influence on my life.

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