Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

I've been reading a lot on this site about people taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. I'm very lucky with my GP, as I only have constant nausea, but no pain. Do the probiotics and digestive enzymes help with the nausea? Some of you have said you had to have a prescription for the enzymes.
I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and he's going to give me a prescription for domperidone. I'd like to ask him about the probiotics and digestive enzymes, but don't know the names of any of them, or where to get them. He may or may not know of them as he's a general practitioner not a specialist. He's been more helpful to me though than my so called specialist, however.

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I get mine from walmart, the Multi-Enzyme made by Spring Valley. It has betaine HCL, acidophilus, and about 15 other enzymes in it. It does dissolve rather easily in the mouth and is kinda big, so taking is harder for me than the straight acidophilus I was taking before, but it seems to be working better. I think you can get it at any healthfood store too (ihave seem it at VitaminShoppe), but it was more expensive.


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I get a prescription digestive enzyme called Creon 12,000. I might have told you all this already, but I forget. Anyway... I take one pill right after eating, and it helps break the food down.

Probiotics: I just use store brand Acidophilus. Read labels - I get the one with AT LEAST one BILLION active cultures (the one I have now has 2 billion). The ones with only a few millions aren't strong enough. I take probiotics to prevent bacterial overgrowth, and it works great.

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Hi logdam777-

The digestive enzymes may help you prevent the nausea as they help digest your food quicker so that it's not sitting in the stomach so long. I take 2 before each meal and 3 before my evening smoothie. I get them at the health food store and take the Jarrow brand, "Jarro-Zymes Plus". They have made a HUGE difference in how I feel-I only get nauseous now and then. I also take probiotics and was told by my GI to take the probiotic blend, rather than just acidophilus. I also get these at the health food store in the refrigerator section and they are Nature's Way "Primadophilus Optima". Best of luck!

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Hi Logdam777,

I am also newly diagnosed and trying to figure this condition out. I recently switched to domperidone and am doing much better than on reglan (I had severe side effects). I take Align probiotic (it's a bit pricey) and am planning on starting digestive enzymes shortly. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow...I'd love to hear what your doctor has to say about taking domperidone, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

We're lucky to have found this's been a goldmine of information!

Take care,

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I have just started taking Betaine HCL (supposed to take with protein). I am only taking it once in the evening. It has a caution with hper acid stomach, which I do have. I have noticed some increase in heartburn, but I will keep trying it for at least two weeks, since it was not cheap. My doc said it takes 2-4 weeks to see if it is going to work or not. She also said only take one new thing at a time, so you can figure out what works. She also recommended Align. Sarah

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I started taking digestive enzymes 2 weeks ago. The brand is Rainbow Light, and the name is Super Enzymes. I walked into a health food section of Whole Foods, and asked an aisle clerk. Well, I asked the right person. She said that she has been taking them for 2 years and they have saved the quality of her life. She said she had "issues with digestion." I was leery about taking them, so I asked which ones she took, and she pointed to them. I can't say that all my problems are over, but I can say that the difference is amazing. I take one before each meal, and within a few days, I no longer needed an anti-reflux medicine because I wasn't having heartburn or gas! I asked my sister, who is a nurse practitioner, about them, and she said that there is so much that medicine just doesn't know. I plan to!

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Thanks for the info. I found some digestive enzymes, but they're the kind you take after eating. I'll try to find the ones you're talking about. I dont have acid reflux, or heartburn. Just had nausea and throwing up before i started taking domperidone and sticking to the diet. I appreciate your input, and am glad you found something that works for you,


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I use Zygest. Someone on the site recommended it--and Amazon carries it, so it's going to have to be perfect.

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