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My daugther has had a PEG tube since April and for the most part has really helped. The J (feeding tube) portion has come out of her intestine into her stomach 3 times over the last 2 months and has had to be replaced. It just happened again and the Dr want to try and have it replaced via Interventional Radilogy vs. a Endoscopy. The Dr. has no idea why the tube keeps coming out on average every 2 weeks. Has anyone else had this type of problem?

It's very fainful when the tube comes out and coils in her stomach.

thank you,

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I have 11 years experience with a J-tube, and I have found that it is essential to use 3-m Medipore 2" wide cotton tape and 3-m No Sting Skin Prep. The tape holds tight and breathes. The No Sting Skin Prep will not irritate broken skin. I like the Bard #319 J-tube (#9 french) the best. My first 2 tubes were latex and I didn't know I had an allergy to latex. This caused an infection that never cleared up. The tube is inserted on a wire. I think it is really important for us to be able to reinsert a tube ourselves. There are going to be times when the tube comes out and we need to be able to put it back in without having to depend on going to a hospital. I changed to a fresh tube monthly by myself at least 100 times, I can do it better than any radiologist I ever had. Pay attention and watch the TV while the tube is being placed, bend the wire as needed to push the tube in. Pain is the biggest reason for the tube to be pushes out for me, I get a cramp and pressure inside the intestine would cause the tube to come out. Good Luck, a day will come when tubes will seem like a part of a barbaric past like so many medical devises, but for now, it is the best we have to stay alive until the meds can be found to restart motility.

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