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I am having a severe bout with the gastroparesis for the last 4 weeks. I am vomiting every few hours even though I'm not eating anything. Saliva is making me vomit! It started with my bowels shutting down and having no bowel movement for almost 4 weeks. With multiple fleet enemas, and saline enemas I was finally able to go. Unfortunately, I have gone the complete opposite direction. I have really bad diarrhea. (Already had 15 watery stools today). I am still unable to tolerate any food so I am using my j-tube solely for nutrition. For some reason, I am not able to tolerate the tube feeds since 4th of July. I start the feeding and then start vomiting immediately. I also am having massive abdominal pain. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I'm up a creek. I see my GI doc tomorrow, and I can almost bet he will put me in the hospital AGAIN! No nutrition at all for 4 days so far and severe diarhea, and vomiting---Yep! I am pretty dehydrated. Bad leg cramps, and passing out almost every time I get up has cinched that diagnosis. Has anybody ever had problems tolerating their tube feeds?

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Have the doctors done any x-rays? I had a real bad time a few years ago. I started having diarrhea, it lasted for over a week before I finally went to the ER. I was told I was constipated and needed a laxative. Excuse me? I was constipated and had diarrhea. I had no idea that you could have both at the same time. It took me several weeks to clear out the blockage in my small intestine. I have had to battle other blockages since, these in my stomach where all my food began to backup and I began to throw -up even the water I drink. Blockages in our stomach and small intestines, I am told, are a common problem.

Big Hug , I will be praying for you


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It's possible to start not being able to tolerate feedings even though you have in the past. Stop your feedings for a little while ( a couple of hours) then start very slowly and see if the nausea increases with the feedings. If so, check with your doctor to make sure it's not a problem with the tube, or maybe need a change in formula. If neither work, it could mean you just can't tolerate tube feeds and may need to move to TPN, if that's a route you'd want to go.
I hope you get some relief!
God Bless!!

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I'm so sorry for your problems. My 20 year old daughter started with almost exactly the same symptoms in early January, 2009. After exhausting a myriad of doctors all over the country, a doctor at Cleveland Clinic put in a J tube. In two days, her vomiting had caused her to lose an additional 7 lbs and put her in our local hospital yet again. Finally a local doctor put in a central line and started TPN. The tube feeds still go into your digestive system whereas the TPN is absorbed into the blood stream. My daughter has lost nearly 40 lbs and is still needing the TPN. I will be praying for you.

All I can say is "hang tough" and try to stay positive. Keep pressing on and don't give up on treatment. It can be so frustrating and scary.

hugs and prayers,

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