I am just now reading about this honey and was pretty impressed with its' ability (it says) to do so many things. I think most things are worth a shot, but I thought I would share this for those who are looking for natural alternatives. I doubt it's a cure, but it certainly appears beneficial! and can aid in supporting a healthy digestive tract.

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We started using Manuka Honey last fall for my daughter who had a continuous staff infection. After we used it for treatment, she has not had another infection. I have not used it for her GP! I can not believe I have the stuff and believe in it, just sitting in my cabinet. I am going to start adding it to her smoothie!

Thanks for the reminder of a great organic med.


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THAT'S AWESOME!! can is ask where you bought yours from?
I think it will help keep the bacteria balanced in the intestines and keep things moving....I love the idea of this honey...I can't wait to get some! It also helps with GERD and a host of digestive complaints!

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The link is at the very top of the page:

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Hey Laurez-
This sounds like a really interesting product and it's great that it's natural! From the little I read on the site, it looks like it's mainly a wound healing product, but it did talk about gastritis, GERD, etc. Has anyone on this site tried it and had good results? Thanks for the link! Mphotographer

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Please keep in mind that if you are allergic to bee stings you need to stay away from this products. It is made with bee venom. The taste is harsh. Mix it into a smoothie or something to hide the flavor.

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Hi Lauraz,

I have been searching the Inspire Website looking for help (reading everything!). I see that you had your colon removed; did you have a sub-total colectomy? Did you get your gastric pacemaker after that surgery? Also, does the honey help you at all? I had a sub-total colectomy done in April '09 (so it has been 9 months now). I had it done because I had daily pain after eating and it was very difficult to have a bowel movement. The doctors only did one test and that was a test for GP. They said I was on the "low" side of normal. The only other thing they did was a virtual colonoscopy which showed that I had a very long, twisted colon. They removed my colon and hooked my small intestine to my rectum. I no longer get the horrible stomach pain but I am pretty much house-bound due to having diarrhea. All of this is so depressing and I absolutely have to find an answer. Can you tell me how things have worked for you?

Thank you!

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Thank you for reminding me about this - I am always on the look out for all things anti-septic and healing!

Kind regards Skinny

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I still have constipation but no where near like I did would be a month or more without a bowel movement. the diarrhea MAY go away, but it may not. It took mine about 3 months to stop. You may have to change your diet and seek the help of your GI.
I am not using the honey currently as it's expensive and I am on disability but my gastric pace maker seems to work pretty well...YOU MAY NEED TO ADD PROBIOTICS to your diet to balance your small intestinal tract out.
Once you start with this problem, you can become so imbalanced the only thing you can do is try to use anything (like Align, Manuka Honey, Probiotics, Yogurt) to get some balance back and see if that SHOULD but if it doesn't, you may have to live with it, or try some immodium every third day or something like that. I HOPE that the probiotics will do the trick!
P.S. I got my pace maker two years after my colectomy...what a horrible surgery a colectomy is to have to go through, but it sure was worth it!!

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