I asked my doc about this medication after finding out about it on this site. Doc gave me samples. This med is a god sent. I can pop and it works right away. It works better than the miralax. Thanks for sharing it is a game changer.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Lizness. I'm going to ask my GI about it when I see him on the 22nd. I know that some people have experienced some side effects with it, but I've never let another's body's reaction decide me on a drug that my doctor recommends; I try it and see how it works and whether I experience any side effects. We are all so different, even though we share a common disease, so what works for one may not work for another. I'm glad that you're getting relief. Love and Light, Candace

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I have taken linzess but not regularly, I am going to try it nightly. It works but sometimes it dries out my eyes terribly. It seems when I take it before bed I don't have that problem. I have only taken it on weekends (fri/sat/sun) because I am afraid of going into work on monday with "problems". So far though I think it might be the answer I am looking for.....

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