Levosulpiride for gastroparesis?

Has anyone tried it? It looks really promising!

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If you try, please do let us know results...
Does look good!

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Interesting read! I hope it will be available in the near future!

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Unfortunately, from later studies it looks like it causes tardive dyskinesia. I wonder if it ever got FDA approval.

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When I googled it most info, is a little outdated. Seems to be similar to the ciseride? sp.

Probably not available in U.S. Found a site in India probably where its made.

Do some more research or ask the doctor about it. That would be great if it works!

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I do think i have tried this agent, but it didn't work

For gastric stasis For sure !!

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Haven't tried this - but am trying prucalopride which seems to be working. Good luck.

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