Lap Band and Gastroparesis

Is there anyone else out there with a lap band who has developed gastroparesis post-banding? Just curious what your experience has been. My GI doc is not really playing nice with my band surgeon, and it's very frustrating trying to coordinate care and figure out what my long term options are.

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Hi, I had Lap- band surgery in 2008 and did not have any bad issues until my stomach exploded in March. I had to have 95% of my stomach removed during emergency surgery in March of this year. I have been unable to eat or drink since then I have lost an extreme amount of weight and vomit everything even water. I have been rehospitalized and put on TPN. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare. I'm very skinny and can't seem to gain any weight. I know it has not been a year yet but I'm starting to worry I will never be able to eat food again without vomiting. The TPN is causing my liver enzymes to be elevated so my Dr. removed all the lipids and increased the volume of my TPN. I'm depressed a lot of the time and I'm young and single and feel like I'm never going to be able to have a relationship again due to this. I'm embarrassed about vomiting all the time and my huge scar on my stomach. I'm going to have to find someone special to accept these issues. I'm sorry you are having issues. I wish I had never had lap band surgery, if I knew then what I know now I would have never done it. I never need to worry about my weight again I'm 93lbs and trust me I would much rather be heavy than be in this situation. :( sorry to vent I'm just frustrated and sad.

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I'm so sorry that happened to you! Did your band erode and cause your stomach problem? I live in fear that my band will go bad. I had mine done in 2007 and have so far avoided any complications, but I know so many others who have had to have theirs removed due to bad slips or erosion.

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I had lap-band done 4 years ago this month. I just had a x-ray done drink some white stuff, and it shown the band was fine. I have been vomiting and nausea for awhile now
he wants to do a mobility test. The stuff didn't leave the stomach. I had gone to him to have it removed. I have to wait until this next test. He told me to be on a soft food, and liquid diet.

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