How to lose weight with gastroparesis??

I'm having the toughest time losing weight with this condition. I feel like crap most of the time, so exercising isn't the best. Any tips would be awesome :)

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A lot of our community are trying to put ON weight. I've plateaud at 260ish and don't seem to drop below that, even though I eat a quantity of food that would support a much smaller body. There isn't a lot of play in the GP diet insofar as the foods I would normally associate with weight loss and health (raw veggies, pulpliscious fruits, whole grains) are the very ones my stomach bids me avoid. The only tip I can offer to either of us, really, is to just keep up the good fight. Stick with what works overall for the stomach, try to eat more protein and fewer carbs, drink plenty of water, and try to find a way to move the body.

Isometrics are something that's worked for me in the past. I have a lot of damage from a pair of car accidents back in '93 so standard exercise is difficult for me to do as well. Isometrics involve tensing muscles, not moving the body, so they work well with most anyone. I would lie in bed and use the wall and the bed itself as surfaces to push against, tensing muscle groups (hold for 10 seconds, release, hold for 10, release, and so on) starting with feet and moving up the body. Making the muscle contract puts it to work, increasing muscle mass. It's a passive method that really does make the body stronger, and more sculpted.

I keep thinking about doing them again but have been a lazy ass about it. So here my body is, at its plateau, enjoying the view.

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I lost 25 pounds after being diagnosed with GP. A dietitian calculated how many servings of carbs, fruits, vegetables, milk ,protein and fat I needed per day. I have stuck to those number of serving for over a year and am currently maintaining my wt. On good days one of my meals will include solid food. The other meals will be liquid in the form of Slimfast or Boost and fruit and vegetable juice. I find it hard to get the protein I need in liquid form.

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One of the only ways I have maintained my weight is by using nutritional products from nestle. Before that, I was losing steadily 3-5lbs a month.

I initially gained a lot of weight when everything acted up about 8 years ago now. Couldn't lose it for anything. Once I changed my diet, I dropped 20 lbs in a month...not the healthiest thing to do.

How much are you eating? Your body could be in starvation mode which means it's holding on to everything despite barely taking anything in. So it makes it that much harder to lose it. My body does that from time to time. It makes it very hard to make the docs believe that there is a problem because, if I'm gaining or maintaining, I have to be doing okay, right? WRONG!

I don't know that there's any one particular way to lose the weight. My started once I fell below a certain calorie intake, then stabilized once I reached a different calorie intake.


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I don't know, but I had the same problem. For about five years no matter what I did the weight kept slowly creeping on until I got to 193 (I'm 5'9"). I tried dieting, exercise, weight watchers, NOTHING made any difference. Even having one of my vomiting episodes at least once a month didn't make a difference- I kept gaining weight. Until about ten years ago I was always naturally thin, so it was extremely frustrating for me. I used to cry because the weight just wouldn't stop.

Then I was diagnosed with intestinal dysmotility and put on domperidone. I was also put on desipramine for nausea and pain control. Both of those list weight gain as side effects so I was a little nervous but I could not continue like I was.

I also completely changed my diet- took out ANYTHING that might be triggering episodes: gluten and wheat, nuts, corn, red meat, and sugar (had not done dairy for 26 years). Obviously fried foods, rich foods are also not allowed.
I began dropping weight and so far have lost 20 pounds. I am not trying, it is just coming off. I don't know if getting my dysmotility under control is doing it, or whether taking thiings out of my diet that don't agree with me is doing it. I honestly do not believe I am eating less calories.
I'm not sure what the mechanism is for gaining the weight, nor do I know why it goes. I have a feeling part of it is fluid build up, either in your guts or in your tissues, and changing the diet allows that to go out. Plus maybe the domperidone helps food move and thus helps regulate blood sugar? I don't know.
Good luck!

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I go in cycles. I loose a lot then gain a lot back then loose it all again. Yo-yo effect for me. For example, I'm down 8 lbs from this time last week.

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I am also struggling with weight gain. Initially lost 20 pounds then when I was able to eat following the gp diet with domper. I gained 25 pounds. Very frustrating. I feel like I should wear a disclaimer sign on my chest that says " I am eating more like a bird than a pig". Know I am carrying a lot of water weight from domperidone .

I do treadmill, do weights 3 times a week. Guess if I didn't I would be even heavier. Am blessed to have a husband who seems to love me thru thick or thin. Embarassing meeting new people and friends who I haven't seen in a while look surprised when they see me. Not fun.

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I appreciate all the advice. I was really skinny when I first was diagnosed with GP. Over the last few years I tried numerous anti-depressants and meds and the side effects of weight gain weren't a lie. I'm about 30 pounds overweight, which on top of the GP is depressing for me. I had a major abdominal surgery years ago which damaged my vagus nerve and thats where the GP came from. I hope I can eventually lose some without too much pain with it. Feeling good to exercise has definitely been an issue for me lately, worst is the nausea, ugh!!!

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I think Marianne and Wendy have some good advise. I have the weight loss problem. I find it facinating that we can be at both ends of the spectrum. I am a dietitian and can truly see now that some people really have a difficult time losing weight (I always thought it was people not admitting to what they really ate). This disease does not follow the rules, it messes up metabolism. Sarah

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I had major abdominal surgery too and the current thought is my vagus nerve is damaged causing GP (can't be confirmed for another few months). Anyway, I was about 25 pounds overweight at the time. I'm currently pregnant so trying not to lose weight right now but before I got pregnant something that helped to keep my body from going into "starvation mode" when I couldn't eat comfortably (this is before I knew about GP so not sure how helpful it'll be to you) is to drink raw veggie/fruit juice and get in enough protein with a "gentle on the stomach" protein powder (mixed in a yummy smoothie). I know my body hangs on to weight like nobody's business and the only way I can ever lose weight is when I actually INCREASE my intake of fresh veggies and proteins.

Since going on the GP diet several weeks ago I've found juicing carrots & apples (1/4 apple to 3/4 carrot) gave me a lot of energy and curbed cravings for chocolate. LOL Anyway, the carrot/apple juice blend is really nutritious and tastes surprisingly refreshing and good. It also really helped my constipation problems. I don't have to take anything to "help things move along" on the days I drink fresh carrot/apple juice (no pulp of course).

I also went through a TON of different protein supplements before I found one my stomach could finally tolerate called Rainbow Light Protein Energizer. It's not as quite good as some of the other protein powders out there so I always put it in a smoothie and make it with Almond Milk or Very Vanilla Soy Milk and then it tastes great and is pretty easy on my stomach - doesn't give me that bulky feel afterwards. The Protein Energizer has 500mg Spirulina (one of the best plant sources for all 9 essential amino acids which are really helpful in maintaining proper body fat levels) along with a veggie blend of spinach, kale, and a couple other things.

If you want any other ideas just let me know. I'm full of them. LOL

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Oh, I forgot to add... I HATE exercising, especially when I feel like crap, but one thing I have found that makes me feel SOOO good (even on some crappy days) is leisure swimming (no laps or anything). I go to the local kiddie pool or the local Sleep Inn (they only charge $3 for pool use!) and just leisurely swim around and hang out for an hour - nothing strenuous at all. Whenever I go swimming I can always eat more food afterwards than I can on days I don't go swimming. I also find I feel sooo good in the water regardless of how I felt before going. Many times I drag my mother along with me so I have someone to talk to, plus my daughter always comes. But even if I had to go alone I would still do it. I've been swimming at least three times a week for the last few weeks and while it doesn't fix the GP problem I wish I could go swimming every day because it makes such a difference in how I feel.

AND, the best thing about leisurely hanging out in a pool is it doesn't feel like work at all. I hate sweating and just have never been one to enjoy working out so this is as close as I get. And it's really worth it. I keep telling my husband that we need to get an indoor pool! LOL

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