Herbal remedies for gastroparesis and dysmotility

Has anyone tried herbal remedies for gp and intestinal dysmotility? I have tried every drug that the doctors can think of and nothing has really helped me. I am now researching herbal remedies since I really cannot afford to lose anymore weight. I am now down to 113lbs and dropping.

Here is a quick summary of my research so far after wading through lots and lots of medical speak.

Magnolia bark extract- improves gastric emptying and intestinal motility in semi solid meals, reduces inflammation, helps with gastric accomodation, has antibacterial effects against gram + organisms, and some antifungal activities, helps with anxiety, and has strong antioxidant properties

Rikkunshito- promotes GE, helps with nausea, dyspepsia, and anorexia

Liu- jun-zi- tang accelerates GE, reduces dyspepsia symptoms

Wu-Mei-Wan and Hange-Koboku-to both improve GE

Weidong Kang - alleviates dyspeptic symptoms in diabetic gastroparesis

Dai-Kenchu-to Improves GI motility in the intestines and colon. I'm couldn't find any research on it and gastroparesis

Anyone want to help me in researching herbal medicines? All those medical abstracts have left me with a major headache. Since most of these are mixes of several different herbs, I'm also trying to look for common ingredients and figure out which specific herb or combination would have the most beneficial effect.

Any other recommendations on herbal medicines I can add to this list?

I tried lemon balm extract- it definitely helped with gastric emptying but made me nauseous.

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Have you seen a herbalist or a naturopath?

I have not been diagnosed with dysmotility but have other GI type challenges and have tried different herbs that have been intolerable to me. I'm probably an extreme case that nothing really works for me, but I'd suggest seeing a chinese herbalist, aruvedist or naturopath.

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Hey there someone posted a document on Triphala a bit ago. I tried it and it has been the only thing that helps. It hasn't solved all my issues but it has definately helped. Good luck

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Goodnewsbear I am so thrilled to hear that Triphala helps you. I am a big supporter of it either in powder form or capsules. I use the powder form in an enema bag as a laxative because nothing else worked for me and as a capsule to help with the GP. The post you are talking about is called "Triphala instead of Reglan" and the study, although done in mice, showed Triphala significantly increased gastric emptying and better than Reglan. Triphala is an aryuvedic tonic that has been used in India for years. Please google search it and some of the benefits of using Triphala are GI benefits. Check it out.

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hi.. i use triphalia too and it does help and allso black tea extract helps me allso i even like sewdish bitters for gi pain it helps a little.

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I started Triphala last night, my first night without my CALM (magnesium) and so far not so good this morning, but I know that I need to give my body time to sort out the change. the only reason I am giving it a try is CALM is mixed with water and I have trouble drinking, these caps take less water to get down. I can not do the enema's at this point...aloha

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P.S. with several friends gifting me, I went to a naturalpathic doctor and did herbal medicines for a year with my GI doctor doing labs and also living on TPN and almost no food by mouth...no improvement, my weight was dangerously low and I was in the hospital severalmtimes with uncontrolled vomiting. while I still am for things being as natural and chemical free as possible I spent a lot of money with poor results...also there were labs that needed to be done, especially liver panels that could not be done correctly when I was taking liver cleansing tabs...albeit you would think it would think it would be a good thing? anyway there was so much conflict it was very hard to do both herbal and chemical treatments at the same time...aloha

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I have two suggestions for you to try both of them are Shaklee products. Optiflora Probiotic Complex and Stomach Soothing Complex. I just started these two weeks ago and help with every meal. These are the first two things to make a dent in helping me deal.
Best of luck to you!

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These are not your standard well known herbs. Thus, I suggest you consult with a good herbal specialist.

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I just remembered something. I too have to buy this. Liquid Aschidolphalus. Good bacteria for the colon etc! Also this isn't a herb but I know Papaya's are real good for GP and Gerd too. I don't know if it's just me but I have to drink Gatoraide non-stop all day. That helps more than food does. Ginger should be good too or Ginger tea! Dificult to swallow but instant Gerd relief! I want to buy these vitamins/herbs/food called Mega Greens. It's got everything one needs and isn't expensive. I was told the powder is best when one has GP.....Hope this helps!

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Yes!! Yes!! For the gatoraide--it has helped me soooo much! Just sip it.
I can't wait to try the triphala!! Heard many wonderful reports from thoes who have been placed through the GP ringer!!!

Thanks for sharing ---


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Shella, how are you hon? You are in my prayers as all the beautiful angels on this site. Be well.........


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My daughter drinks apple cider vinegar and honey three times a day. Rich in potassium. Helps with digestion, sleep and constipation.

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