I have read a lot on what might be causing my gastroparesis.
I am interested in anything other than reglan.
I also have slow motility disorders ever since I have had gall bladder disease.
My liver took forever to soak up the radiation fluid when I was having my hyda-scan
test. It took over 2 hours. Something is wrong with my whole system. Not just my stomach.
They will be doing the small pill test soon.
Anybody else get through this?


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Darla. I too have Gastroparesis and went about seven years before being diagnosed and was told that I had COPD as I constantly had Bronchitis and Pheumonia due to Aspirating during the night and the vomit infecting my lungs. I have tried Reglan, Amoxicillin and Domperidome (which is not available in this country except when made up by a Compound Pharmacy which is very expensive) I sent to Canada for this drug where it is affordable. I have recently been taking Zelnorm but this drug has been recently taken off the market. I am now looking at having a Gastric Pacer inserted in my stomach. I had the test where I had to eat an egg sandwich containing Radio Active particles and then lay under a scanner for a couple of hours, this showed that I only have a 14 percent motility. None of the above drugs helped me and I vomit almost everytime I eat and so am afraid to eat and have lost quite a bit of weight.. By the way my Gastroparesis was caused by Diabetes. Mags.

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Do you have a gallbladder still, or has it been removed? Either way, you may want to supplement your diet with Bile Salts. They help promote digestion by emulsifying fats. We prescribe these to our patients when they no longer have a Gallbladder or if they are having a lot of bloating/slow motility/gas/poor appetite. It is interesting that patients who have had their Gallbladder removed often have symptoms similar to gastroparesis patients.

We prescribe one pill with each meal and bump that up to 2 pills if you are eating a fatty meal. Take it with food to help promote the digestive process.

Other ideas we have are to have patients eat warm foods (soups, stews etc) and avoid raw foods. Salads, sandwiches etc all require a lot of enzymatic activity to break down to simple vitamins and nutrients that the body can digest, and if your digestions is already slow and struggling, this will help take some pressure off of it.

Feel free to follow up with more questons/concerns.

Erik Isaacman, L.Ac
Inner Gate Acupuncture

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I find this very interesting - I , too, had my gallbladder removed and now am battling 'gastroparesis." Perhaps these salts will work?

I suppose I could give it a try.


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Sometimes it is hard to find bile salts. You can go into any health food store (whole food) and/or co-op and they may have it. All of these places have enzymes and digestive support and one or two of the products will have bile salts as well. However, at our clinic we use a product called Cholacol. It is made up of Collinsonia root, which supports the Liver and Gallbladder, and Bovine bile salts. IT can be bought from a company called Standard Process.

I hope this helps. Give it a try. Good luck.


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