gastroparesis, Neurocardiogenic syncope and hope

I have been dealing with a lot of issues for the past 6 years. It started with an eventual diagnoses of Neurocardiogenic syncope, followed by a non funtioning and diseased gallbladder. Then, several doctors later, gastrogaresis. Daily, I dealt with strange feelings in my head, palpatations, nausea, dizziness, loss of memory, headaches, spasms in my chest. I went to 17 doctors in all! I took a little piece of the puzzle from each doctor. I have been on aciphex, prilosec, reglan, miralax, etc. The problem isn't always too much acid. You can have GERD and have LOW stomach acid. Often, people with gastroparesis don't make enough acid. The inhibitors may be doing more harm than good if this is your problem.
The Neurocardiogenic Syncope is often mistaken and diagnosed as anxiety. It's not. The drugs they put you on to treat the anxiety do nothing to make it better.
The stomach, heart and brain work closely together.
I went to an osteopathic specialist last week. Get's my back and my diahphram. My diahphram was up too high and my stomach has been in an odd position, probably since I had my last child 8 years ago. I carried her strange and high. She was twisted and very much in my ribcage. The vagal nerves have been shifted and bunched up there. I have also had a few neck and upper back injuries. The sympathetic nerves run through the back with all of the other nerves. The vagus nerve can be effected if the neck is kinked. The heart, lungs, stomach, intestines...all of them are contolled by nerves that come from your brain, through your back and connect with the organs. If there is a significant kink or an injury that was not treated right, it can throw everything off. I have a problem with the small vertebra in my neck, t-4, t-6 and t-8 (I broke t8 years ago and a chiropractor didn't xray before adjusting it 3 times a week for 2 went undiagnosed until months later.)
Dr. Joy adjusted my back, neck and soft tissue and organs. (osteopathic dr.s focus more on the balancing of the body and they work the bones, nerves and soft tissue and even organs to make sure everything is functioning together. They are a little more easy on the spine, but still make adjustments to it without just 'popping and cracking' everything.)
I haven't needed the beta blocker, anxiety medicine, sleeping pills, laxative or gas relief since then. I have felt normal. I haven't had the gas pressing into my chest, making me feel like something is really wrong. I haven't had disturbing feelings or palpatations.
I wish I would have gone there first...6 years ago when this all started. I'll see her 4 more times for more adjustments. I see a light at the end of this tunnel and I owe it to God for leading me to the right place and keeping me strong through these very trying years.
*****Had a bad attack and had to get back on the beta blocker a few days after I posted heart fibrillated. At the ER, I got the ever-so-popular diagnoses of 'palpitations and anxiety". I wanted to choke the doctor....pressing on for the answer!

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Glad you found some relief. I hope that things continue to improve.

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Something to consider for myself. I fell off my horse once in a really bad way. Exercise and the chiropractor don't help my back too much. Then I started having stomach problems. I threw up once, couldn't hold down anything in the morning for close to a year. A year later I was diagnosed with gastroparesis and a borderline dysfunctional gallbladder (still have it). I ask the doctors about my random near-fainting episodes and they blow me everytime. Blood pressure and EKG is fine at the dr.s office, but I know my pulse can weaken and quicken at times and from my near-fainting episodes I can feel blood leave my head. Now a few days ago I finally actually fainted--concussion, ambulence ride, the whole shabang--and the dr.s say "if it happens again we'll try something". Seriously? The stairs are fun. Half the time I'm so light headed I have no depth perception. Maybe it should happen there? The shower was hard enough, and it's always fun to have stitches (well, funner than nausea from gastroparesis and whacking my head). Three more weeks until my neurologist appointment....

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Update...The osteopathic manipulation helped some, but I still didn't feel that was the complete issue. After my church praying over me, I came home, cracked open a book I've looked at 100 times, and there it was. Magnesium. I've seen that word tied to a lot of the issues I've had, but never took it serious. I googled it and found that a magnesium deficiency could be to blame for most of my long list of problems. 70 to 80% of Americans are deficient! Doctors just don't lead us there. Magnesium is more imortant to our systems than calcium. Since I started taking it, (magnesium Taurate, and ionized magnesium drops) I started sleeping better at night, my skin has cleared up, I don't feel tha anxiety, I'm not dragging and tired, the headaches have slowed down a lot, my skin isn't as dry, I can THINK and remember things..the list goes on. The gallbladder disease I had..the uterine fibroids and polyps I had that took my uterus in July..and I think...the gastroparesis...all magnesium deficiency. I read that it could take 6 to 9 months to reverse damage. I'm going for it. My heart still acts up (when you google it, you'll find that it is also related to mag deficiency) mitral valve regurgitation... the arteries harden due to calcium...the magnesium is neede to bind to the calcium and take it where it belongs, instead of in the tissue..heart, arteries, kidney (stones) and gallbladder (stones) The pancreas functions better with the right amount of mag and therefore..diabetes and blood sugar is put in balance. I even dropped 20 lbs so far! There is a test for magnesium deficiency that a regular doctor can order, but there is one that doesn't work as well. That's the one they usually do and that's why so many people are not properly diagnosed with magnesium deficiency. the swabbing or scaping of the mouth is supposed to be a good test and there are nutritionists who can test your blood and see what you're lacking. There is a bloos serum test that is not good. It's something like "available ionized magnesium blood test" . That may be off a little...look it up. I'm seeing a light at the end of this tunnel! PRAISE GOD!

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Yeah, be careful with showers. Don't make them that hot. I have had lots of problems with hot showers. Now I have to sit when I shower. I have vomited in the shower and almost passed out after showers due to the autonomic neuropathy. Now I have a hand held shower and sit in a chair. Not the same but the attacks are fewer!


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Unfortunately I don't even take hot showers--a notch above luke warm is what I like. And I live in university residence so the one thing I dream about (hand rails everywhere!) just isn't going to happen. The scary part was that I've had so many near-fainting episodes, but the one time I faint I had no warning whatsoever. The last five days I've been twitchy, faint, nasty headache. Downside, finals are here. Goodside, I go home in two weeks. I can feel as nasty as I am and relax that reliable mom is there. Probably not a good idea to ride horses at this point though...

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