Gastroparesis and PVC's?

I was diagnosed with GP a year ago. Slowly got better with diet adjustments. About 3 weeks ago all symptoms hit at the same time along with the feeling of shortness of breath, chest pain and heat skipping beats. I went to the cardiologist who ran all the correct tests including wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours. It showed I am having large number of PVC's when I eat/drink anything. Said that the heart is fine and to go see the GI Dr.. He believes the heart is being affected by the vagus nerve. I can't see the GI Dr. until next week so I have tried to reduce intact to liquids and is some better.
Has anyone else with gastroparesis experienced PVC's in relationship with your eating/drinking? I can't find any resources on the Internet about the two?

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I had both GP and terrible arrhythmia (PVCs). I cured both of them with magnesium therapy and also other supplementation, but the magnesium was the most effective. I posted a new discussion "Success curing GP" that has all the details.
Warm regards, Santa Fe

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marci, first of all, I read your bio, and I can not believe you are a grandmother. You look so young and pretty.

I know you said the GP symptoms came back 3 weeks ago, along with heart sx. Are your stomach symptoms as bad as they were a yr ago? Are you feeling any better now than you were when the GP sx first reappeared? I swear, GP and GI sx are the worst.

I read you had bypass surgery. Was that the cause of your GP (if its okay for me to ask)? When your GP acts up, do you take any meds for it? Please feel better and stay in touch. I truly care.



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My intestinal problems started a couple of month after I had a heart pacemaker implant ( which a number of cardiologist have since said I did not need!)
For me it affected the nerves in the large intestine and I ended up with a colostomy.
I have terrible arrythmia- (atrial arrythmia) its constant day and night and absolutely miserable. I finally consented to take anti arrythmic medicine which I did not want to because they are pretty dangerous.
But the connenction between the pacemaker surgery and GI problems are that there is a high probably that the vagus nerve was damaged by that surgery.
Did you have any type of surgery prior tot he Gi issues?

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Thanks for your response. Had a problem getting back on the computer. I did have the bypass heart surgery 5 years before the gastroparesis problem or at least before it got so severe. I have been told it is severe and did not just start overnight. The heart surgery required all types of tubes through abdomen etc, so it sounds like it could have been damaged. I also had gall bladder surgery 6 years ago. Guess that might have been involved as well. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been told that could also be the culprit; sometimes we might never find out.
Saw the gastro Dr. and have been on Domperidone and a gastroparesis diet. Couldn't take Reglan because of side effects. The problems are much less for the stomach and the heart. The gastro Dr. says that he is sure the heart PVC's are/were caused by the vagus nerve/gastroparesis. I am struggling to stay on the diet. Seems everything that I am suppose to be allowed to eat is the opposite of what I should eat for my heart! Thanks again for your support.

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My emergency double bypass heart surgery was caused my coronary heart disease. I had little risks factors but did have symptoms that could have been from the heart or gastro problems too. I was cleared by two nuclear stress tests but catherization of the heart required the emergency bypass when it showed major blockages in the right main artery. I did have terrible indigestion when I was having the chest pressure. However, after the heart surgery the GI problems stopped; at least for a time.
I am slowly learning how they symptoms overlapp so much with both conditions. The GI doctor and the cardiologist believe the gastroparesis caused the esoph. spasms that did respond to nitro!
The heart is doing fine; but with the extremely restrictive diet without all those heart healthy foods, I don't know what is going to happen.
The gastroparesis is better, even though I have a long way to go, but I am extremely frustrated!
Thanks for posting to try to help out.
How do any of you with gastroparesis get the correct amount of fruits and vegetables that you need when you can't eat raw fruits/vegetables and very little cooked ones?

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I don't know if I have PVC's or not but my heart does randomly start racing. This is just in the past 8 months or so. But it is so random that to get it checked out would be a waste of time for me since there is no one thing that brings it on. As for getting the veggies in the diet, I drink V8 splash. You get fruits and veggies without the extra fiber that causes so much trouble for us.


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