Gastric Emptying Tests

What are normal numbers for a gastric emptying test?I had the one where you eat oatmeal with radioactive material.I was a very short test I was in there no longer than and hour and a half.My rates was 58 percent.

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Hi Ciannabee89. I sounds to me like your emptying rate is good. Did the doc say you have Gastroparesis?? Typical stomach emptying is 50% after 2 hours. My stomach, for example, was only 6% empty after 2 hours (I had an egg with radioactive material and toast), and therefore I have gastroparesis - delayed emptying.

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My doctor said my percentage (I don't know at what hour this was calculated) was 7% slower than normal which he said normal is 60%. My slowness is due to pain meds for another condition. The doc said I don't have GP. This was a second opinion, motility specialist. My first GI doctor, using the same test results (not a motility specilialist) told me I had severe GP and was severely ill. When I asked the first GI doc if I stopped taking the pain meds if the GP would go away, she said it wouldn't hurt.

The percentages are deceiving in that they don't tell you about vagus nerve damage. I remain convinced that the R-R interval study I've discussed in other posts (the study is advocated by Richard Bernstein MD, author of Diabetes Solution) is the gold standard test for vagus nerve activity.


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Thank you for your responses!The first doctor I went to in Virginia told me I had GP but never did any tests.I live in Texas now and the doctor ordered a gastric emptying test and she just said I have a lot of the symptoms of gastroparesis but that I most likely don't have it.I get sick where I can't keep even liquids down for days.I was taking Domperidone but now with the tests results shes switching me to Bentyl which is like for IBS.I'm really sorry to hear about the 6%emptying GPgirl5.I hope you get better!

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Thank you Ciannabee! I hope I get better too! :)

Glad you don't have Gastroparesis, but I hope they find out what it is. Here's hoping that the Bentyl helps!!

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Hi Ciannabee!

My test results were as follows:

2-hours - I still had 60% of the food in my stomach (which was at the upper limit of normal), and at 4-hours I still had 34% of the food in my stomach (normal results are 0-10%).

They didn't give me an overall percentage rate - just said that 34% was too high, and diagnosed me with moderate GP as a result of the high 4-hour result.

Best wishes to you!
Mary Ellen

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Ciannabee how has the last year treted you with IBS and your Bentyl pill popping? :)

I have bene on Bentyl for about a year-- saved my life. Has eliminated about 50% of abdominal pain I was having, but since I have the motility issues also I take other meds for that. My gastric stomach emptying was 0% after 2 hours. No wonder I get so sick after eating anything, even a saltine cracker.

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My doctor told me the normal rate was 50% after 90 minutes. I was 5% empty after 120 minutes.

My surgeon ordered a 4 hour test before we try for the pacemaker. Still waiting for the test to be approved.

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My stomach emptying test showed that after four hours, I should have emptied at least 50%, I emptied 4%. My G.I. doctor said that is pretty severe. You are fortunate you do not have GP, however, I really hope you find out the reason for your symptoms.

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I would check to see if this is the standardized emptying test as my daughter's took 4 hours, was toast, eggs and milk....I have been working for 6 months to set up a nonprofit to help fund research and have met with many of the doctors. If you go to our website under Patient Resources at the bottom is a Motility Laboratory and doctor page for all over the country. If I can help you further please let me know at

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My gastro emptying test was done at a hospital in Miami. They let me go after 8 hours and said that basically nothing was moving and it could take several days to move through my system. I lived 65 miles away. They said if I was closer they would have me come back twice a day. I was not up to it and declined. By the way- they gave me a choice between an egg salad sandwich or a liquid- I choose the liquid. It still couldn't make it;s way out!

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