does triphala REALLY work??????

I have tried this the planetary formula brand for a week, no results so far. I am using it with my sennakot as well. But has not helped. I have taken 2 capsules before bed. 250mg Should I add more????????? I have read this works, but curious for those of you who have chronic constipation/ IBS??

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I take triphala before I go to bed. I take the Linzess in the morning on an empty stomach. As directed. This helps
them both work. I also take juice with one or two tablspoons of olive oil in the evening, as suggested by a doctor
that offers diet assistance to people with colonic inertia. Sometimes I take three tablespoons of olive oil with the
It is said that Linzess works well with good fat So after an hour of taking Linzess I take the juice with olive
oil. The first thing I eat in the day, is fruit. Blackberries, or watermellon, or blueberries with the blackberries. The
fruit that is good for the intestines and to help them move. I eat wheat free and gluten free food. My intestines
can swell in the top right area, after I eat, so I usually take Swedish Bitters about an hour after I have dinner.
Best wishes.

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Thank you for response. What brand triphala do you take? Also how many mg??

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Capsules by Gaia. Called "Triphala Fruit". 1000mg per two capsules. I also take "Chia Fresh" by Gaia.
It is the only fiber I can take. Course fiber makes my condition worse. I find the Chia Fresh helps
the whole combination work better. All components seem to be needed . I have a bad motility problem.
I get a nervous stomach from stress, so I take Gota Kola extract. I only take a little of it so I don't get
sleepy. Just enough to calm my stomach , and it also works on calming my intestines. It brings clarity
to the mind, and calms the nervous system. It is recommended to keep the extract in a dark cool dry
place. Not the refrigerator. Shake well first.

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thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kavita, have you tried the powder version of Triphala? I would think the capsules might be tough on a gastroparetic stomach. Just a thought

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