Constant stomach churning

I am still apparently recovering from the effects of anesthetics on my GI system following neck surgery over a month ago. My colon and bowel symptoms gave improved some. But the swallowing problems and nausea remain just as bad as the day after surgery. Swallowing difficult was minimal and nausea tolerable before the operation, but are now barely tolerable.

The most annoying and unpleasant symptom is a nearly constant churning in my stomach, as if a small motor is running in my gut. This activity begins soon after I awaken and seldom stop completely. It occurs even before I've eaten and liquids make it worse. There is some reflux; but I seldom have heartburn backing into the esophagus. There is just this intense growling and activity, which gradually sap my energy (mental mostly). I can feel the muscle near my diaphram tightening, byt no vomiting sensation. I am taking 4 mg of Zofran 3 times a day, which is not helping much. I have had GP for 5 years, but only began feeling this since the operation. I have a neurological disorder which causes my GI problems, along with a variety of movement problems. So maybe my body is acting dufferent than anyone else's would. I am just running out of patience and energy.

Guess I am wondering if others with GP experience this constant stomach churning. This seems like more than nausea. I just want to flip the switch abd turn it off. Would appreciate any ideas.

---- Joe ----

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Hi joelee sorry to hear everything you are going through. I had a herniated disk in my cervical spine in 2009 and having neurological problems as well. They wanted to go through my neck to do surgery but I refused to have it done and glad I did. This is about the time I found out I had GP.

I have also had the churning in my stomach and sometimes the noises get very loud. I always thought I had a nervous stomach but I think the GP has something to do with it.

Hopefully someone will chime in and let us know why and if they experience it too.

Good luck to you

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Thanks for the feedback. I had tried everything else to relieve the shoulder pain and surgery seemed like a reasonable option. It went smoothly and the pain disappeared by the following day. But my entire GI system slowed down even more. I have had trouble swallowing ever since I came home, the one complication I was told to expect. But the stomach symptoms are the most intense and hard to ignore. My gastroenterologist thinks I will recover to where things were before the surgery. But logic tells me I'd be feeling some improvement by now. Some days are tolerable, but much worse than before.

If things get back to normal (my old norm) and everyone eventually says I told you so, I'll be thrilled. In the meantime, I am going to look into alternative treatments. I am considering acupuncture and have ordered ginger supplement. All I want is my stomach to be still. A defective nervous system makes everything so complicated and unpredictable.

Your username is amusing. Not sure you can feel very charmed, given your stomach issues. But this us about making the best of a difficult situation.
---- Joe ----

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