Celiac Artery Stenosis or Superior Mesenteric Artery

After years of feeling horrible, I finally have a diagnosis and on the road to recovery hopefully. Celiac Artery Stenosis or Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome. I have had over 20 CT scans nothing ever picked this up. The only test that picked this up was a CT angiogram of the abdomen. I had 100% blockage and it was being crushed by my diaphragm. I had an open surgery on Jan 19, 2011, and felt pretty good. Then I developed dumping syndrome after I got home which is not fun I am back to eating bland foods, no sugar. Very hard to do! Not gaining weight. I also developed an ulcer in my stomach. I am on my last dose of Carafate, last dose of reglan, still on prilosec, and ativan. I still have to take stool softners. I feel good but still feel something is not right in my bowel region. Anyway have a problem with dumping syndrome after this surgery? I was told I am lucky to be alive. Thanks :)

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Hi! I had dumping after nession fundlapcation (wrap the top of the stomach around the bottom of the esphagus). It last about 2mths sure wasn't fun while it lasted. The good thing was that my gp was very happy that food emptied out real fast. I hope your ulcer will heal fast and you will be able to gain some weight. I was told it take a full year to get healed from surgery. So try to take it easy and no that you will feel better soon. I will pray that you will feel better soon.
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Thanks! Did your dumping go away? They just aren't sure why I am dumping because they didn't do anything to my stomach. They just cut my diaphragm and artery pinked right up. They have tried to stent it through groin and hit my artery upon entrance, so had retroperitoneal bleed, then they tried to balloon it through my arm, had a reaction to the heprin was in recovery for 6 hours. I miss my sugar...my cakes and cookies. lol I think that it may take awhile too for my body to realize it has blood flow again. I was completely normal until I had my son then bam. He is worth it though. I have a follow up with the house doc next week and my gyno. The house doc keeps telling me to get pregnant. Umm if I cant eat normal and am on medication not a good idea. I hope to be able to come off of everything. I guess I have bile reflux too but I dont have a gallbladder. They recommended Questran its a cholest medication but I am already constipated so not a good idea to take that. Thanks :)

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