Burps Stuck???

Does anyone experience burps that get stuck? My son has this as a symptom every day, mostly after eating or drinking although sometimes without. It is extremely uncomfortable for him and of course increases nausea.

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My daughter I have noticed burps a lot more now since she has gp. She will say sometimes that she has to force herself to burp or it feels like she is going to explode... have you tried any gas reducers?

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With GP I pretty much burp each time after eating or drinking. Most common are the small, dry burps. Sometimes the burp is larger, and still dry, but if so then it will take awhile to . . . to form, I guess, to manifest itself into an actual burp. The worst burps by FAR are the wet ones. They're awful because they bring up acid and burn. As well as are an unpleasant way to revisit what one ate. I have had that sensation, of wanting--or even starting--to burp but it doesn't really seem to rise above my throat. Or maybe it will be a mouse's squeak of a sound. When he does have that--this may sound counterintuitive--what if he took a few sips of ginger ale or sierra mist/7-up? Might facilitate the burp emerging. I drink a can of Diet Sierra Mist daily because, dammit, if I'm going to burp all the time anyway I want some of it to be on my terms. Plus, the largest burps I can create are pop ones.

Does he fart a lot too? Gas, if not release upward, will eventually try to move through and out, unless it's absorbed into the lining of the gut. Absorption doesn't seem to occur too frequently in my body. Bloat is a bastard and hits all the time! So with me gas is either being broadcast north or south, but rare--RARE--is the day when I don't have any.

Good luck with your son's trapped burps. What's his doc say? Oh, and does he burp when he takes meds? Or do pills ever feel 'stuck'? Get heartburn from them even?

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I burp a ton in general but I think I know what you're talking about in regards to "stuck" burps. I often have to force myself to burp and there are times when I feel like there's this air in there but I can not push it. And absolutely it makes nausea TERRIBLE! I have definitely burped to the point of vomiting and when the burps feel stuck I'm very severely nauseous as I imagine your son is also.

Do you by chance keep a food diary of what your son eats and his symptoms? I know for me I've been better able to control some of it by watching what I eat and it's often when I try something new or one of my less "safe" foods that this becomes a great problem. So maybe try switching up his food? Smaller portions perhaps too? I also get that way if I eat too much and sometimes it's not actually a burp but it turns out there's food that's like stuck and eventually I often end up basically regurgitating whatever it was and feeling better. But it feels a lot like a burp.

I'm sorry I have no real answers. I know I've tried anti-gas medications, especially the kind that make you burp but I can't really say they do much good. I haven't even tried one in many months. And I'm on an extremely limited diet which is undoubtedly very unhealthy but it's the best way I've found to manage to my symptoms for the time being while i wait to see my motility specialist.

I do hope your son starts to feel better and can get this issue resolved.

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Yes, I've had that a lot. I swallow hard a couple times (pushing the larynx down) then contract my upper abs hard to push it up. The swallow may add even more air, which I think help make the bubble larger and easier to push up.. It is not a remedy,mys however, since whatever causes the air just causes another bubble to rise from stomach. This usually happened at night and made it difficult to lie down to sleep. It has been much better since I switched taking my reflux medicine before bed instead of in the morning.

One thing I noticed set it off is eating too quickly, since gulping occurs. Be careful of hot (temp) foods, also. I would get a bite and try to get it out of my mouth as quickly as possible, gulping it before it was properly chewed. Drinking quickly is also problematic for the same reason.

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I have had this too. A lot of the time it feels like they get stuck somewhere in my chest area. Sometimes I can lean to one side to help push them out, and sometimes I have to wait until it gets bad enough that I gag. I described it to my Dr.'s as "throwing up burps". It is very uncomfortable. I wish that I could offer some sort of advice, but I'm new to all of this Gastro stuff.

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S'funny you mention leaning to one side, Loves. I sometimes do too, to work out a burp I feel lurking. I lean left a bit, and move my chin down, and contract my upper abdo muscles. Geez, between stuck burps, traveling gut pain, and constipation, our community sure does a lot of shimmy shake rock 'n roll.

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