Anyone else experience stomach churning?

I am curious as this symptom often accompanies my bouts of nausea (which are worse at night). I can feel and hear my stomach churning and gurgling rather violently. Also, occasionally when my stomach is empty, if I breathe in, my stomach will make a loud gurling sound. This never happened to me prior to getting sick 7 months ago (after stomach virus). I have not been diagnosed with GP (normal GES), so I am wondering if others experience churning. I would think that with GP your stomach would be fairly quiet...

Also, another question which may seem kind of stupid. Most folks with GP talk about feeling full for extended periods of time, or not being able to eat much due to fullness. I do not really feel this. I can eat a normal sized meal without excessive fullness. My nausea begins 5-6 hours after eating and I don't really feel full. Can you have GP and not feel full? Just wondering, as I am still dealing with "Mystery Diagnosis" here. Thanks everyone!

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I have the same "gurgling" in my stomach, both during periods when my stomach is empty and full. But, as you say, it is is more prevalent at night. I also notice it when I first get up in the a.m. when I presume my stomach has emptied. Also I usually start out the day feeling fine. My breakfast sits well, but the symptoms of upset stomach, occasionally nausea get worse as the day goes on.
Most awful is when I find I have a blood sugar of 56, which has to be treated, and I feel stuffed and don't even want to chew up and swallow the four glucose tablets and snack.

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Have either of your tried adding enzymes to your diet? Or probotics? If your stomach is experiencing a chemical imbalance, and there is not enough enzymes to digest your food properly, it will set and rot in your stomach instead of digesting causing bubbling noises especially at night when the stomach slows down to a crawl. If you have yeast infection cause by an imbalance between good bacteria and bad, this will also cause rumblings in the stomach and digestive track.

There are many reasons for chronic nausea, including low blood sugar, undigested food , yeast infection of the intestinal track, being gluten intolerant. Which will also cause your stomach not to digest properly, so if you are having bread, noodles or any other gluten filled product, this to will cause excess gas and that is what you are hearing in your stomach.

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noisy churning after eating, oh yeah. You sound like I was 7 years ago... they kept treating me for food poisoning because I would get sick the next day--food just sat in stomach. Anti biotics helped me recover several times in those days... Is your blood work normal? My white cells were high indicating infection so I was hospitalized on IV's or had a z pak. My first scan showed that the pink stuff just ran through me, no blockage or slowing but no digestion either. I had a b12 absorbtion problem too. Not diagnosed with Gp til 6 years later...and yes, I was sick off and on the entire 6 years.

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I do not experience the churning, but I just wanted to comment on your not feeling full. I think that if you can eat a normal sized meal (and I assume you eat any foods?), and don't feel overly full / bloated - then you must not have GP. And since your GES was normal, then it looks like you definitely don't have it.

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Thanks for all your comments. At least I know I'm not alone with this churning stomach! I am experimenting with digestive enzymes and have also eliminated gluten...still waiting for definitive results. While my GI doctors don't seem to think GP is the problem, my primary care doctor seems to think it may still be an issue. I am told that digestion can slow down and speed up intermittently, or that the motility problem can be happening lower than the stomach.

While I am not sold on the GP theory, it does seem to fit in the sense that it all started after a viral illness. The GP docs are telling me I have postinfectious IBS, but I have no lower digestive problems so...? Basically no one really knows what's going on, but something happened that threw my stomach out of whack! Thanks again for your input.

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Hi Wantonwonderer (another great name!)-

Oh yes, I have LOTS of gurgling throughout the day that is very loud and can be embarrassing. It doesn't hurt, but just seems to be a fairly constant thing with me, during the day. I take digestive enzymes with every meal and probiotics, but I still have very loud stomach sounds. It could just be the sounds of digestion?

I agree with gpgirl5 that if you don't experience the full feeling after eating than you probably don't have GP which is a good thing. I hope that they figure out what is causing your symptoms so you can get some relief. Good luck!

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I also get the gurgling sounds. But, to me, it feels great for to feel my stomach moving. I consider it as digesting my food. My stomach is always bloated and full. The only feeling I have in my stomach is pain so the gurgling is a wonderful change for me. I know if I shake my stomach or massage it, it will gurgle. Once again, it feels wonderful.

As far as the fullness, I always feel full, but also feel as if I would eat something it would make my stomach not hurt so bad. So, I eat and it gets worse. Then the cycle continues. I was talking to someone else with gp and she experiences the same feeling.

And, yes, you can have slow motility lower than the stomach. I also have it in my small and large intestines. The small are the worse. It took 30 years to get that diagnosis. But, there is more knowledge now so I am sure it won't take that long for you. hahaha...

One of the reasons it took so long to come up with a dx is because the emptying problem can be intermittent. I was tested via upper GI and the barium went through very quickly one time and the next time it stayed in my stomach. The same happens with food too. We are all so different.

I do hope they can find the problem. Once the dx is established, you can take it from there. As far as I am concerned, the worse part is not knowing what you are dealing with.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,

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I too have that problem. My GI recently told me to try th digestive probiotic supplement Align. They sell it at most pharmacies in the GI isle, as an over the counter item. It is expensive, but it is amazing at cutting down on all the digestion noise. It has really worked wonders for me. Maybe it can help you too. Good luck.

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I too have the gurgling noise in my stomach. I use Keifer. Its a liquid prohibitic. Its like liquid yogurt with a tang. It helps with the digestion. Mine empties less than 1% every two hrs. I too get very full and bloated after eating a small amount. I dont eat anything with gluten in it. It makes a huge difference. I dont eat any breads, pasta, high fiber foods and fatty foods. I only eat natural sugars ie: agave,honey,stevia. No cakes cookies ect. These tend to make me really sick. I also have high liver enzymes and fatty liver. I hope this helps. Keep looking up!

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