Always tired - 24 yrs after subtotal colectomy now sbo - anyone eles?

Is there anyone who has had a subtotal colectomy and small bowel obstruction?

What is the prognosis?... is it tpn?

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I had a subtotal collectomy and illeostomy april 30th this year. I also had a J tube installed. However I had a feeding tube before my subtotal collectomy. Most people can eat a restricted diet with these. I was told to eat before I told the nurse I couldn't eat lol. But she was saying if I could eat to have eat certain foods not corn or skins of fruit or chicken chew my food good and should be fine. I wish I could eat. Now the tiredness yes very much so. But they said my vitamin 5 was very low. So I take 2000ibu vitamin d a day. That seems to help along with a multivitimin a day. But I still feel tired a lot. Did you have the ostomy bag on your side or did they reconnect your small intestine to rectum. That was not or will not be an option for me. So maybe that might be what will happen. I was told tRPN was last option that would be considered for me. I guess every one is different. Feeding tubes work good for me. Hope this helps. Gary.

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I had a subtotal colectomy after taking an antibiotic called keflex. I was 7 months pregnant. Baby was delivered and healthy but I went home with ilostomy for 6 months then they reversed my bag (They didn't know if they could do it) I had my appendix and a complete hysterectomy (cycle made attacks worse) when the bag was reversed. They said I wouldn't feel better for 5 years and they were right on the money with the time frame. I was put on tpn in the hospital and then slowly began to eat. At that time I was instructed to have a lot of fiber which was the worst thing for me. Out of sheer frustration I decided to listen to my body instead of listening to the doctors. When things flared up - distention, pain, nausea copus amounts of loose movements - I had to stop and rest. No food for a day or two.
For the last 24 years I've worked around the pain and now I am being told that these were partial obstructions.
After that terrible emergency surgery I had pain coming from under my last rib in my back that was constant for 5 years, then flared up every once in a while for 12 years. For the last three years the attacks are increasing to twice a week, until my small bowel obstruction.
They put me on Trimebutine x3 a day and that has stopped the pain coming through my back but the constant cramping, bloating ....well I am always tired.

Sorry for the long history - Just to hear that you feel tired - makes me feel like I may be normal. Thank you for your recommendations on the vitamine d - I'll be looking into it.
Corn sent me to the emergency with a total blockage which relieved itself. However they want me to see a surgeon (thursday) to discuss cutting away the adhesions (which I've likely had for 24 years) not to sure if I want to do that because of the catch 22.

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Hi Crapshoot,
Wow, what a history!! I've had a colectomy and now have a permanent ileostomy. Periodically, I end up with a small bowel obstruction. I'm not sure why they happen...maybe something I've eaten, maybe adhesions. I either go into hospital, NBM, IV fluids, and pain management until it passes. Other times, I stay home, tuck myself into bed with a HWB, manage the pain myself, and drink fluids.

The GI specialist I saw told me that in the not to distant future, I could look forward to an increase in obstructions as a result of adhesions. This is because I've had many operations since the colectomy in July 2010. I've got to many other problems to be worrying about the development of obstructions!!

Every time I have surgery, the surgeon has to clean up the adhesions....and as you know, this just results in the growth of more! Definitely a Catch 22 situation!

I spend a lot of my time sleeping, which I truly HATE as I feel I'm sleeping my life away! I take a fair amount of pain killers and other medications, so put my tiredness down to that!! I also have no appetite and because there's not much I can eat, I just couldn't be eating! I drink Nutricia Fortisip which is an enteral nutritional drink. They taste average, but I can only manage 1-2 each day....5-6/day will give me the RDI. There's a chance that tis too contributes to my fatigue. I've never been offered TPN at any time during my illness, so I'm sorry that I can't help you there.

Sorry for the long-winded answer, I hope there's something in there that may be of help to you!


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