Alternatives to Miralax for constipation

I've been taking Miralax along with Triphala and it seems to help. The only problem is the Miralax causes extreme bloating and irregular bowel movments- from normal to diarrhea. On the days I don't take it I am much less bloated and can eat more.

What other laxatives can I take?

I was thinking of maybe psyllium? I don't really know...

Any suggestions?

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Those of us with chronic constipation have to be aware of the risks with laxatives. Long term laxative use will turn the large intestine to a dark brown or black color. A condition called, Melanosis Coli. Miralax and Milk of Magnesia as well as psyllium are the products my gastro recommended to me to be safe. Miralax and psyllium don't work for me. MOM is the worst tasting, but, it works. The pills are not as effective in my case.

I find the bloating comes from diet. I have to stick to a strict adherence of non dairy and watch my carb intake to 100-125 gms a day. All friuts and veges - No starches.

Good luck.

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A combination of triphala ( 4 1000mg tabs a day) abd 1 teaspoon a day of Natural Calm magnesium powder work really well for me. i
I experimented with quite a few other remedies but this has worked well for me for over a year, and I'm happy that these are both non-pharmecutical products

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Miralax did not work for me. I'm finding that RX Vitamins, Chewable Licorice (Deglycrrhizinated)
works really well. Have had motility problems most of my life and have taken everything one can imagine over the years. I was so surprised that this product worked so well. Can find on Amazon.

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psyllium-- provides bulk, but if you have GP do you want this? Also, while this may help at first, often does not last like other things.

You can take less miralax (1/2 cap) and magnesium citrate (Natural Calm) as statgirl recommended. Try Triphala. Perhaps a rotation of use might stave of problems?

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Hi Horse Crazy- I have been constipated my whole life and was put on Lactalose for Constipation. Take everyday and go everyday. Taste could be better but not that bad. It is like flavored caster oil. It does however, line the system and the poop moves just because of gravity. I don't know if it will work for you but worth asking your DR to try.
Good Luck!

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I take Miralax, M.O.M., and Sorbital.

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Magnesium oxide tablets work before for me then anything else out there that I've tried. I take 1500mg a day but my GI has told me that I could go up to 2000mg a day if needed.

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