Diagnosed Oct 28/12 with Stage III/IIIc Lobular Breast Caner

Hello Ladies,

my oldes daughter found this site and I am so happy she did - I just got diagnosed on Dec 31/12 with Liver Mets - what a New Year's welcome that was! I was soooo upset and figured my life was over - especially after the Doctors told me that I had 6 months - if chemo went well possibly a bit longer - pretty depressing.

I have 3 children - my yongest is 17 - but she is special needs - so I am fighting this disease with everything I have to make sure she has a Mom to help her through the tough times. My husband is a wonderful guy and I feel awful that he is going through this - its hard not to blame yourself for not going to the Doctor sooner when you feel a lump. My tumor was 7cm and very aggressive - spread to the sentinal nodes all 3 were infected - they did a left breast mastectomy and then went back into to take 4 more nodes 4 weeks later - of which 3 were postive for cancer. I am ER positive, PR positive and HER 2 negative. Of course no cancer in my family so this was a shock.

I had back pain and had been complaning to the Surgeon - so finally when I was referred to an Oncologist I told them of my pain and they finally sent me for the CT Scan - which showed mets on the liver - then they give me the news - no cure - and 6 months.

This site offers hope to all - and I don't plan on taking a back seat anymore - I want to fight this with everything I have !!

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