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I might not be in the right group, but you may have an answer to my question

After 2y of normal life, PET scan showed 2 active spots. My father started chemo, 1st cycle was not bad, 2nd cycle was hard; stomac pain, big toes red inflammed...
He is now in his 3rd chemo with 14 days Xeloda. And he has to take antibiotic for inflammation and zyloric for the gout that just started. My mom suggested for him to take xeloda with yogurt instead of taking it with water to protect the stomac. I wonder if it's a good idea. The doctor said he has to take it 1/2 h after meal. Any one tried to take Xeloda with Yogurt? Any advise?

Thanks and hope the best to everyone

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I had to go one week on and one week off when I was on xeloda, due to side effects.

I don't see anything wrong with the yogurt. I do remember no grapefruit? and no extra B vitamins.

Sounds like your father has lots of loving care.

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I take my xeloda with water and have no nausea. You might check with the onc or pharmacist, but I doubt the yogurt would br a bad thing.

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Hi, Yes it does sound like your dad has great support, thats so important, i take Xeloda (capecitabine) morning and evening with lots of water,but as the rest of the group have said, Dont see Yogurt causing any problems, stay clear of anything with Grapefruit, I bought a organic mouth wash last week, had a wee look at the ingredients and it showed grapefruit flavouring...I gave it to a friend,wouldnt chance taking it,your dad could even take his yogurt when he gets up in morning and maybe before bed, even the pro biotic drinks could help his stomach...but do get him to check at hospital....and check the flavouring before you buy...

Regards to your dad...carol.

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I take Xeloda and make sure I have something substantial in my stomach like oatmeal or cereal before I take it. I'm sure yogurt would be fine just make sure not to take it on an empty stomach. Also, follow it with at least 8 oz of water to make sure it gets washed down into the stomach. This routine seems to help me although I do have to take anti-nausea medicine 30 minutes before my morning and evening dose or I still get an upset stomach.

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For Fragilistic: I hadn't heard of the no extra B Vitamins. Do you know the reason for that?

For Best2: I haven't had nausea but the red hands and feet are really problematic! I, too, take Xeloda one week on and one week off. Oddly, the redness is worse on the off week. the Xeloda is working so I am certainly not complaining. Your Dad is very lucky to have such an active support group.


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Fragilitistic...... I too am wondering about the vitamin B. I take vitamin B6 because it eliminates the hand and leg cramps that I get with xeloda.

Best2 .... I swallow my xeloda with coffee every morning. And I almost always have yogurt for breakfast shortly after taking m xeloda. (I know we are supposed to eat first.....but I just find it easier to remember and to swallow every day with a hot cup off coffee. I NEVER forget my coffee, so I never forget my xeloda.

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Well, I hope I wasn't giving wrong information, but I thought I read it on the interactions list when I finally read it, this w;as 1 1/2 years ago so.......
Ask your Doc, or more to the point you pharmacist. I always use the pharmacy people at the infusion center for answers to these type of questions. They really research things. I know I was told not to take curcimun (bad spelling of that spice,) but anyway when I was on taxol they said absolutely NOT.
kpretzel, I never forget my coffee either. From 1977 through l991 I drank no coffee. I have a lot of making up to do!

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Why no grapefruit with xeloda?? Had not heard that. I have gained so much weight on this drug! I hate it! I wear gel socks and coat my feet with organic coconut oil. It does wonders for the dryness and pins and needles. Same for hands. My stomach is so bloated. I can only eat small portions or I will blow up so badly it makes my ribs hurt but I'm still putting on weight! Ahhhhh!!!

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My Xeloda info (from the RX company) actually says not to ingest any grapefruit (I believe the acidity promotes mouth sores), but to definitely TAKE extra vitamin B6 which helps tremendously with neuropathy issues and hand/foot syndrome. Before taking Xeloda, my oncologist and oncology nurse had a one-hour information session with me about managing side effects. The first thing I was told to do was to take 300 mg of B6 daily in addition to the multivitamin I was already take. I also use homeopathic or plant-based vitamins that absorb quickly. My hand/foot issues only seems to arise at the end of each two-week cycle, then resolve immediately during my off week. I also lotion/oil/aloe my hands and feet daily during the second week of my cycle. I have some lactose intolerance, but my oncologist told me that it is a good idea to eat a probiotic yogurt (Activia for example) daily while on Xeloda. I eat it about every third day. I do not take it with the meds, however. I hope this was somewhat helpful.

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Thanks ChicagoCarrie for getting the accurate scoop for us. I think it was vitamin B12 they warned me about. But I agree with the B6, I know it helps some with peripheral neuropathy too.

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When I was on Xeloda, my instructions said to avoid vitamins containing folic acid.

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ChicagoCarrie: I found it wonderful that your Oncologist and Nurse Oncologist took the time to talk to you about Xeloda. I have an excellent team except where prescriptions and nutrition come into play. I pulled the fact sheet off the internet - that was my introduction. They told me I might have nausea and some redness in hands and feet but that was it. You have certainly tweaked my desire to find out more so now the research begins after almost a year. I also eat Yogurt most days but didn't know I was helping myself.

Isn't this a wonderful site? I just love how we all can share ideas and knowledge. there is defiitely no "one size fits all" in this disease.

Thabnks to all of you for sharing!!!

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I’m steadily packing on the pounds too, and find bloating after eating a real problem too.

Regards the grapefruit issue - it’s long been known to interact with stacks of drugs and has resulted in deaths in the past. I knew I’d posted about it before, this reply was back in 2009, but the links are still active and give basic info.

http://www.inspire.com/Beachbabe/journal/question-regarding-pain-meds/#repl ies
Hey Gorgeous Ones -

Chloemom dearest, I'm worried about you and your grapefruit - "Warning Will Robertson"

Apparently grapefruit consumption can be extremely hazardous for many of us also consuming very commonly prescribed drugs, including pain meds.

I found out when reading recently about the functioning of the liver, how grapefruit can 'hog' the main highway (Cytochrome450- pathway) through the liver dangerously increasing blood levels of some drugs, which could in a 'perfect-storm-combination' result in an early demise!

Some links I just googled are:

http://www.docguide.com/news/content.nsf/news/8525697700573E1885256F8D00689 A25

http://www.holistic-online.com/Herbal-Med/_Herbs/grapefruit-interactions-ho me.htm
........................................................................... ........................................................................... ....................................................

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Hi Janz

You're right about the folic acid warning, and none of my treating medicos mentioned this to me. Aussie girls who love their Vegemite (like me!) also should take note (it's high in folic acid). There's a lot of foods high in folic acid, but it think it's supplements and folate added to foods that's the greater risk.

For more info check out: http://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/capecitabine-index.html?filter=3&gen eric_only=
it lists this following info on folic acid and capecitabine (xeloda)

Drug interactions between capecitabine and folic acid
http://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/capecitabine-with-folic-acid-490-0-1 129-0.html
“…..Similar results were observed in another study with capecitabine, a prodrug of 5-FU. The interaction has also been reported with folic acid. A published case report describes two patients who were hospitalized for presumed 5-FU toxicity (anorexia, severe mouth ulceration, bloody diarrhea, vaginal bleeding) during concomitant treatment with a multivitamin containing folic acid (0.5 mg in one and 5 mg in the other). Both patients tolerated subsequent courses of 5-FU at the previous dosage following discontinuation of the multivitamin. Another published report describes a breast cancer patient who died during treatment with capecitabine (2500 mg/m2 daily for 14 days every 3 weeks) while taking folic acid 15 mg/day. The patient developed diarrhea, vomiting, and hand-foot syndrome eight days after starting capecitabine therapy. Her condition improved briefly following discontinuation of capecitabine and then folic acid, but she subsequently developed necrotic colitis and died from septic shock and vascular collapse.

MANAGEMENT: Caution is advised if 5-FU or any of its prodrugs (e.g., capecitabine, tegafur) is prescribed in combination with leucovorin. A lower dosage of 5-FU or the prodrug may be required. Patients should be monitored closely for potential toxicities of 5-FU such as neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, stomatitis, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, severe diarrhea, vomiting, cutaneous reactions, and neuropathy. Patients should be instructed to avoid taking folic acid supplementation or multivitamin preparations containing folic acid without first speaking with their physician.”


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I really appreciated the info you all sent.
It's the first I hear about grapefruit and Xeloda.
My dad, never liked drugs or doctors; we don't want him to stop his treatment because of the drug side effects.

Thanks again

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I don't want to throw any confusion into this discussion, but were any of you told to avoid calcium 2 hours before and after taking Xeloda? My onc's nurse told me this, and my local pharmacist told me the calcium binds to the Xeloda, rendering this particular chemo ineffective. But I've been wondering about this. So many of you say you eat yogurt at the same meal as taking your X, and I've never seen the calcium warning in the patient info. Obviously, I won't start doing something my onc's staff told me not to do, but I'm wondering what you other X-takers were advised.

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I'll be asking the pharmacist, or calling the drug manufacturer. (Or groovygirlcool could you site the answers to the grapefruit and the calcium, and is folic acid B6 or 12 and should we avoid all B vitamins? I'm sorry to be lazy, but you do it so well.........:)
We are all intelligent people on this site and yet, it seems we've heard different things. Also when I was taking it, my son was setting up my mediset, pill boxes, they weren't encapsulated and he handled them plenty. Heard that is a no-no now. I was also taking calcium supplements when I was on xeloda, the chewable ones. Although not on xeloda now, one of the upcoming combos for me might have a low dose of it with something else, so I guess I need to get the scoop.

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Hmm. Interesting. Had not heard anything about calcium and Xeloda. I just searched it on MedHelp.org, found someone who asked the same question, and this is what the docs posted:

"We could not find any contraindication to the use of calcium supplements and Xeloda. For additional information about chemotherapy you may want to check out the website www.chemocare.com. You can look up your chemotherapy specifically and there is information regarding the drugs, side effect management, eating hints etc. for those undergoing chemotherapy treatments. It is important to let your oncologist know of any medications (OTC or prescription) as well as any supplements that you may be taking or thinking of taking during chemotherapy so they can discuss and advise you specifically."

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ChicagoCarrie, I saw the MedHelp.org info when I previously looked into this online, and that's part of what confused me. And the onc nurse gave me the ChemoCare handout (they always do, for all treatments), and that doesn't mention calcium, either. This is so weird. I think I'll bring this up directly with the onc at my next appointment, next week.

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Hi, Everyone: Okay, so that info re: calcium and timing my Xeloda dose that my onc's nurse gave me? Not true. Totally bogus.

I found this out when I went to an appointment last week and spoke to my onc's new nurse. (The misinformed one left the onc's employ, I would say, rather abruptly. Surprise!) She said, gee, she'd never heard of such instructions, and she'd check with the onc. When the onc came in, she looked rather strained and said, "I'm not aware of such an interaction," then suggested I call the pharmacy required by my insurer for Xeloda. "Maybe they're aware of something we're not." That was ridiculous, of course, but I did make the call and the pharmacist I spoke to said they'd never heard of such a thing.

Needless to say, I'm not happy with how that all went down, not to mention running around for five weeks taking Xeloda with inaccurate info. I'm pretty sure the onc was trying to cover her butt in some way, but not sure how her response accomplished that. Anyway, I am actively pursuing changing oncs, but can only do so at the beginning of each month and so am unsure whether everything can be accomplished by Feb. 1 (I'm in an HMO, so would have to change ALL health care providers to the new network). The Xeloda seems to be working for now, so changing doesn't seem to be an emergency. I do want someone new, however, for making future medical decisions; there have been a couple of other events that I'm less than pleased about.

Anyway, thanks for listening --

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