Where did they put your port in your body?

I had a port in 2002-3 in my upper chest, just to the right of my breast-bone. It didn't work very well and sometimes they still ended up using my arms. It still bothers me where it was (lumpy and itchy). It was scary how the nurse would come at me with the Chemo Needle, holding like a jackknife, and plunging it into my chest like she was trying to cut my heart out. Scared me to no end!

The Oncologist assures me there have been tremendous improvements in the design and function of the ports since then and has encouraged me to get one as I'm one of those "impossible vein" people and it can take 6 or more sticks to find a good vein.

Where in your bodies have these ports been placed? Do they only go in the chest? How big are they? I kind of remember the circumference looking about the size of a quarter.

Thank you.

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I have one the same place you did; have had it since '06. If you are a small person, I have heard that some people ask for a "child-sized" port - that this helps a lot with some of the issues you describe.

A friend got a port in '08 - and confirms that they really have improved things - even since I got mine. Another friend got a :power port" recently (replacing an old one) and likes it.

As one with resistant veins, I am so glad to have the port, even though I share that dread of the nurse coming at me with that giant needle (I always ask a loved one to come with me to hold my hand - because it's that moment I most dread)! Once it's in, it's fine.

Again, maybe consider asking for a child's size?

Be well, be blessed.

All good,

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Thank you! Child-sized! Great idea. Often they've got to use those tiny "butterfly" needles on me as it's the only thing small enough to get a good "stick" with. Tiny, tortuous, multi-valved veins I've got. They don't like being poked!

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My first port, the one I had in 2003, was put in my arm. My doctor wanted it there because this was shortly after I had my bilateral mastectomy, and he didn't feel I had enough tissue in the chest area to put one there. I had it removed about a year later.

When I had to have another port put in after being diagnosed with bone mets in April 2007, I had the chest port put in. They were supposed to put a child's size port in, but somehow I ended up with the adult size one. So far at least, no problems with it because of the size.

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I had my first port put in Aug. 2004 in my chest, because of other medical issues I didn't have it taken out until May, 2007. No problems at all. Should have left it in because they found the mets in July, 2007. I now have one in on the other side of my chest. No problems so far, but doctor was a little concerned the skin around it was looking tired. He said it should be fine but if I need another one it would probably go in my arm.

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I recently had mine put in - it's a power port which will allow you to use it for MRI and CT power injections. It's in my right upper arm and I love it there! And the nurses love it, too! This is the "latest and greatest" place to put them. But be careful because if it's down further nearer to the elbow, then they have it going into an arm vein and then you can't have blood pressures done on that arm. Mine is up high at the top of the arm and it goes directly into my jugular vein and I can still have blood pressures done on that arm (good because I can't on the other arm). The doctor that did it also did a clinical study trial on them being placed there and I'm sure you doc could look that up - his name is Dr. Curtis Brasseur, director of Radiology, Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield, MA

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Thank you, everybody! Great feedback and suggestions!

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Hello LucyP.,

My port was placed on my upper left chest about 3.5" below my neck. The tubing comes pretty high on me, It does show if I am not wearing a high collared shirt, but I really don't care, it doesn't bother me that it is visible.
I too, have a Bards port, but really wish I had a Power Port. I cannot use mine for any testing,(i.e. CAT scans, etc.) just for blood draws and my Zometa. If my treatment plan changes (needing chemo) I may inquire about a Power port.
Mine was placed from the very beginning in a odd way (a little off to the side) and it has flipped, but the Nurses manually moved it over (as I mentioned in the previous post) So for the most part, I have had few problems, just occasionally, especially when the regular Nurse I usually have is out, she is so darn good at getting right in there!
I wish you the best of luck with everything! :-) Peace &love!

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