Stephen Cobert Show has a satirical piece on KFC/Komen Partnership

If you didn't see NancyC's post Apr. 21 about "Saturated fats for the Cure", it's about the irony of the Komen Association forming a partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken to raise money for breast cancer. You may have seen the commecial which is now running, showing pink buckets of original KFC merging with Pink Buckets of a newer form of KFC.

Last night, on The Stephen Cobert Show, he did a rather lengthy comedy/satirical bit on the KFC/Komen
partnership as well as several other ridiculous partnerships .... hopefully bringing it to the attention of even more people!

If you haven't seen the Cobert piece, the show is rerun today on the Comedy Channel at 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m.
and 6:30 p.m. CST. You can also go to: to see it on the show's website. The KFC/Komen Partnership is about in the middle of the home page and looks like a film strip.

You can read Nancy's post here (under New posts, about the 3rd page) and if you want to take some advocacy action, that can be done on the link that Nancy provides or by going to

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I saw this on Steven Colbert last night and was very happy to see someone take on this issue. He even mentioned the Breast Cancer Advocacy Group that started the think before you pink campaign. I was so glad that you put this out on this site as I knew I would have to and was not sure about how to put all the links and info in for everyone to see it.

One thing that stood out for me was that he described the Susan Komen group as raising money for cancer 'awareness'. I am currently trying to think of ways to generate income and I am wondering if I should start a bc awareness organization. I could just get some good marketing going and collect some money and then put on an event that makes people aware of breast cancer. I should be able to pay myself a nice salary for this effort, shouldn't I? I will probably have to research non-profit laws. Awareness is obviously the problem as there is so much emphasis on it, so I will be helping with the problem of breast cancer, right? Is there something wrong with my thinking on this?

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I love him! I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

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Thanks so much for giving us the link - this issue seemed awfully weird to me.....I can only imagine the funny stuff he said about this :> lisa

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thanks lorrie!!

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Just a word for those in the UK, and possibly other countries outside America, this video is not available to us. It is astonishing what big business will do for profit!

I feel that some charities have got carried away with the concept of profit being their sole reason for existing, and that the cause tends to be forgotten in the whirlpool of professional fundraisers, PR and advertising. They employ highly paid people to do this, so how much of the donated £ actually gets to the cause.

In the UK we had the head of the Royal Bank of Scotland admitting that bankers are paid too much, whilst in the same breath saying that they have to be paid these sums to keep the "best" as they are in high demand. EXCUSE ME, but the Royal Bank of Scotland was nearly bankrupt last year and received billions of pounds to bail it out - THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST? I sooooo don't think so!

By the way, how come all these banks that were in such a bad state last year are now turning in record profits? I think someone was mugged, and I think it was the politicians. Wonder how long it will take them to repay their debt to the country that has helped them, and how much interest in Her Majesty's Government charging...I wonder. Guess where a lot of those politicians will be getting jobs when they are kicked out of parliament...hmmmm not let me think...


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Sorry that was more than just a word!

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Rant away Miss Vicki and Lorri !!

Vicki, I noticed that I could not access that video at the above web address either; so after a spot of searching, I found it at: ast-cancer.html

As Lorri says, there's also other ludicrous associations between products and disease "support/awareness" campaigns.

I've always noted the irony of major cosmetic companies who wave the 'pink flag of support' - and to just so happen to also manufacture endocrine disrupting/mutagenic/carcinogenic products to slather on ourselves!

Just HOW much 'awareness' does the general public require about BC????? - I smell a big 'pinked' rat, chowin' down on some juicy ol' hormone-fed/'antibioticed' big breasted bird flesh - yummo : (


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Just great! The link is misspelled though, it should be:
(it's combined with story about Palouse worms) /tip-wag---scientists---kfc

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All the links come up with 'this video is not currently available in your country'. Never mind. :(

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Can you access it on YouTube? I bet someone has posted it there or will in the future.

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With more than 155,000 people living with Stage IV cancer and if everyone gave just $5.00, that would be a bloody fortune! Concentrate only on the Stage IV people and bring about not only awareness but pick a research group is not tied to the nasties of what seems to go against our logic of cancer.

Then, pay yourself a heafty fee, donate our old clothes to charity as a write off, buy a new wardrobe, a new car to take you to the fund raising events, give 20% (makes it look good to the accountants), and enjoy.

Besides, KFC and all the rest have had to change what they use to fry foods in because of the trans-fat scare so they all use soy oil!!! Maybe, just maybe, there will be a company come to light that does not use the things that we should avoid and everyone will benefit after all?

Just a thought. See if Colbert will give you some free air time while you're at it...

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Hmmm... I did a no-no. Awareness should not be an end in itself. Go back to the March posts and read Pink Reminders by kat47. She is so right and so right on and the post is humorous in its own way.

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