omental metastatic disease

Hi guys,
just got my scans back and couldn't but help look at my results. My lung has improved from the chemo quite well, but this time I also had a abdominal scan done, and it has shown enhancement of the omentum, therefore 'omental metastatic disease needs to be considered. Will see the onc tomorrow to have it all explained, but can anyone tell me if they have had it and what treatment was carried out to treat/control it??

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Hey there,
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 in 2008 with met's to the omentum and endometrial lining. I've only talked with a few woman that have cancer in their omentum-my oncologist says that he rarely sees it.
I have an appointment today also to go over a new round of tests so I'll wait to see what your oncologist says before I share my experiences.
Keep me posted,

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