new scan results - best chemo for bone mets?

I just got pet scan reults and my lung lymph node doubled and now i have EXTENSIVE bone mets in thoracic and lumbar spine....all new activity. I was on xeloda...and now my onc suggests taxotere. (he also mentioned navelbine, carbo, ixempra - all other ones i haven't tried - so maybe one at a time, i'll give these a try? are there others?)

i will also start zometa. are there any suggestions on best chemo for bone mets....and maybe i can grab some of that parp if it is coming available.

thanks for your help!

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I had bone mets and the Zometa has been working well for over 2 + years....I was taking it monthly but am now on an every 3 months schedule....did you have radiation? That was the most help for mine which were in the hip...I thought I had a reoccurance last month but after scans and MRI it seems to be something else (not cancer, not a fracture but there is swelling in the area from some kind of trauma or pull) . Am seeing an orthopedist next time I go to my doc (I live in Mexico my oncologist is in Los Angeles).

What is parp?

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How long did the xeloda work? When my liver mets appeared after two years of just bone mets, I was given the option of xeloda or taxol. plus avastin. I opted for the slightly nastier taxol, then switched to abraxane which is a different form of taxol. (BTW, the abraxane is easier to adminster and I felt more stable on it, but it costs more so they dont always recommend it).

I had good success so far, after 7 months of treatment. Three weeks on, one week off. Avastin every other week. Liver mets not visible on CAT scan and bone mets quiet and stable. And I have bone mets from my skull to my femurs! I was told that the taxol family of drugs is one of the most effective and is a little easier on the system that some of the others drugs you mentioned. Hope this info. helps, it is a tough decision, so get several opinions from docs you trust. Definately ask more than one oncologist, especially since this is the time to make an informed choice. Hugs and hang in there! YOur sister in C, B

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Sorry about the progression. I was diagnosed 6/09 with bone mets. I've been on taxotere & zometa with cytoxin for 8 months. The zometa worked great and stabilized my spinal lesions-no metabolic activity. I'm ER/PR+, her2-. Hope this works for you.

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I was on Zometa for about a year. I just started a course of Avastin/Taxol after my latest scans showed increased activity in my spine. Avastin is actually an anti-angiogenesis drug (stops blood vessels from forming and feeding the tumor/s), and Taxol is the chemo drug. There's research that they do better in combination, rather than separately. I'm also still taking Zometa monthly. So far so good, but I've only been on the new regimen for 5 weeks. I'm tolerating it fairly well (not really sick), although you do lose hair with the Taxol. Just some insomnia and high blood pressure.

Hope that helps.

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hi to everyone and thanks do much for yhe replies!!

just for some background...i took ac/t as first line and chose taxol. had a recurrence to axillary a year later and did Gemzar....bad reaction - radiation recall switched to abraxane and avastin.....that was successful for long while. had another recurrenc back on abraxane - avastin made my bp too high. Then xeloda for 4-6 months.

taxotere is seeming the way to go along with zometa.....hmmmm

thanks again!

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I was diagnosed with Many bone mets in 2/2010 and am currently receiving Taxotere/Herceptin/Zometa. I've only had 2 treatments and just finished 16 round of chemo which has given me quite a bit of pain relief. When I was originally dx. in 2/08 I did 4 rounds of A/C and 12 weekly Taxol treatments followed by 1 year of herceptin for a full year. Wishing you the VERY best. Please keep us posted on your progress! Hang in there!

Suzanne (Suzy) E.

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thank you so much Suzy....i guess i don't get the herceptin because i am tri-neg, but so great to hear the other two worked for you!!! great news!
somehow i don't have pain (lucky) - maybe its all the yoga - but, i am weak and really unsteady...but, i don't know if i should blame the brain, the decadron, or the bone mets. it is hard to decipher.

my scan says i have mets in spine, bony pelvis, hips, left femur in various places and right femur. wow!!

i get a new port on monday, start treatment friday week.

then i have my brain mri to look forward to!!

thanks for all your help - happy weekend!

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I have been on Zometa since April 2007, and have had radiation for bone mets. I don't know what the "best" chemo for bone mets, but I've had some progression in the last few months, and now I have to start chemo next week, something called CMF (a combo of 3 drugs).

Back in 2003, when my cancer was still stage II, I did A/C and Taxotere, but that was before I had bone mets.

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