Monitor cancer progression or regression during treatment

I have been recently diagnosed with Inflammatory multiple: DCIS, , IDC stg- 3 (ER/PR +ve, and both Her2 -ve, and HER2 +3 cancer cells). Recently started Systemic treatments: AC chemo protocol, which will be followed by TH protocol, then surgery , and Radiation. I would like to monitor my cancer status in real time during my treatment, based on blood samples to be regularly provided. And using the latest technigues for mining my plasma proteins to identify potential biomakers and my cancer cell responses to the treatments.

If anyone knows any clinic or research labs that would be interested in modeling my cancer and learning from my responses to the different treatments, please have them e-mail me or reply to this request.
I'm sure that the learning they will achieve and the methodologies they will establish for modeling the cancer, would open the door for making further progress in cancer treatment.

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