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The HER2 Support Group is the only independent resource for bc patients who overexpress the HER2/neu gene. We have extensive materials on our website and have a fantastic support community on our message boards.

Our goal is to empower our members through education about their disease so that they become an active partner on their healthcare team.

It's free, no hassles to donate, no pink ribbon stuff to sell. Just patients from around the world sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Please visit our community...www.her2support.org

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Thanks Nutrachris

On occasion I've perused your site - (I'm not Her2+)mostly trawling through "Rich66's" informative posts on intergrative/CAM/convential medicine - are a fantastic resource, as you say.

I guess I haven't joined in the chat, as I feel at home here with the friends I've made here over the last year (and a bit!).

Your personal story is always so inspiring when you relay it to others on this site - you give great hope, and show there really are folk up the far right end of that bell curve on the survival stat chart! Good-on-Ya!!


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Typos over breakfast: "integrative" and "conventional" (: 0)

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