DHEA and Iodine?

I was just reading about the benefits of DHEA and iodine for breast health. I would like to know if anyone knows whether either or both are contraindicated for MBC. I already take supplements sanctioned by an oncologic nutritionist but haven't gotten hold of her yet to find out about these two.

Thanks for any knowledge you can offer! Of course i will not start taking either until I am sure it will not interfere with my treatment (Femara & Xgeva).

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I was told by at least 3 alternative practitioners to take iodine and selenium, that iodine plays a role in cell apoptosis. If I consumed kelp regularly I wouldn't need iodine supplement.

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Hi, Vera,

Being selfish here in asking if you find anything definitive out, would you mind posting it?

Our daughter's been after me to have iodine tested for 6 months. Finally an IV nurse noticed the iodine they use those three swabs of before and after accessing the port was disappearing into my skin really fast, so asked if I'd been tested for deficiency.

Onco. had no clue iodine is anything important in mbc and refused to order, so called endocrinologist and she was willing. Her nurse warned it's a 24-hour urine collection for a full 24 hours. They had someone stop at 22 hrs & test had to be redone :(

The urine's refrigerated in large brown jugs and sent to Mayo Clinic for testing iodine and creatine.

Costco and Trader Joe's have had some good seaweed snacks which don't taste as bad as they sound (unless you're a dolphin or seal or something..tee hee..) but I'm not munching yet as I think it's good to get a baseline test for everything before we start changing anything. Otherwise, how will we know what we need to change?

I see chorine, floride and bromine/bromide take up the pathway first, not letting iodine in so even if we've stuck with iodized salt all these years--and sea salt now comes iodized as well--we possibly haven't been getting what we thot we might have been.

kind of an awkward test, tho!!!
looking forward to what you find out

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I think there are other ways to collect specimens for iodine deficiency. I subscribe to material by a Dr. Brownstein and have found it immensely informative. He has some labs that he refers to for iodine testing, it's mail-order. He wrote an iodine book which I have at home but I'm out of town currently so I can't recall what it's called, but it's all about iodine. I'd be happy to share what I learn :)

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Don't we get enough iodine thru salt, seafood, and CT SCANS.. I posted about osteoporosis. Drugs. And I'm not getting any readers.
I was wondering if all the drugs we have for it here.if one has what the one in . Europe has..Clara

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I use Iodoral tablets- lots of additional resources and info about these tablets at breastcancerchoices.org.

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i take Iodoral as I read iodine helps prevent breast cancer and eat Brazil nuts for selenium. I don't add salt to food so don't get additional iodine that way. I don't eat much seafood either. Google iodine and breast cancer for studies and then decide what's best for you. I feel well taking it.. Best wishes

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I also take iodine . I take drops every other day that I got at the health food store. If you do eat a lot of seaweed, that should be sufficient. ( tried the ones from trader joes and health food store and didn't like them). I also take it for my thyroid, as it is supposed to help with thyroid issues.

One easy way to test is google iodine test. It talks about putting some on your inner thigh and waiting to see how long it takes to soak in. Obviously, not as accurate as a urine test, but it may give you some indication if you are low.


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Well my oncologic nutritionist suddenly flew the coop to do research so I have this new person who answered my question, I get the impression she only likes food supplementation (which I know won't work for me). Here is what she said:

I would suggest that Vera ask her primary care physician for a serum DHEA blood test before considering taking supplemental DHEA. As DHEA is an androgen it is not recommended as a supplement for hormone sensitive forms of breast cancer.

As for iodine I would suggest having some brown seaweed, which is an excellent source of iodine, or using sea salt in cooking. Cruciferous vegetables tend to bind iodine so we don’t recommend overdoing (say juicing more than 12 fluid ounces) kale or other cruciferous vegetables for this reason. I would not recommend supplementing with iodine.

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But, Vera, if you follow the new gal's suggestions, don't forget sea salt has to be iodized. I see that now some brands of sea salt has been iodized. For years it wasn't. And, actually you are a wise gal...you already knew this, didn't you :/

Sorry you lost your other onco nutritionist tho. That is a rare bird to find. I envy you having one!

The skin thing is what started my quest. The nurse giving Vit C IV at a private clinic noticed my skin was absorbing lots and quickly and recommended I be tested. When asking my onco for the test, he not only refused saying it didn't have anything to do with cancer but then at next appt. he cornered me in to trying to say what nurse it was (if it was someone from cancer center). He was more concerned on who suggested I check a health issue out than trying to help me. oh boy...

It's nice to eat seaweed and all but I really like baseline testing. How do we know what we need to do to stay in range of anything if we don't have a baseline to compare with? Doesn't make sense to me...but then lots of things in life do that to me :(

Good to know cruciferous veges bind iodine. That's helpful info!

laura b.

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