Bill Henderson?

So what do folks know about Bill Henderson and his book?
Curios, but skeptical.

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I asked my nutritional oncologist about Bill Henderson's diet. Her name is Jeanne Wallace at nutritional She said the research does not support his diet claims. She leans toward mediterrean diet, or mostly all vegie w/whole grains and some organic meat. Dr. Block says NO meat. He claims that meat increased the cancer cells growth in his lab work.

When I did go on a no meat stretch, for 3-4 months, my cancer got better. I was not able to sustain it though. Dr. Block's nutrionist told me chicken is nuetral, but Dr. Block prefers no meat becuz he wants you to eat all the antioxidants that you can.

I'm good, but not perfect w/my diet. It just seems too deprivational to me to not have some joy, being stage IV.


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When I was diagnosed I read so many books and articles. I took many of the things Bill Henderson said to do and began them. I added a few other things from my research. I joined several online yahoo groups and got a wealth of information from them. I had been seeing a practioner who did dark field analysis. He used many things to help me get rid of candida, parasites, etc. Now over a year later I am clean of those things and have been for some time all before my official diagnosis. After my diagnosis he recommended many of the same things Bill Henderson does with some variation.

I was doing some pretty heavy detoxing and maybe alittle too much but I was healthy other than the cancer and seemed to fair well and felt great. I began doing a Rife machine and became connected with a master herbalist and naturopath who uses varying methods to determine where my status is. He definitely put me on the Budwig diet and added some herbal extracts with graviola, mistletoe and several to keep my kidneys, lymph, and liver clear.

I do not do the full Budwig diet and I know those who subscribe to the yahoo group many are very strict about it. They also add carrot juice which I stay away from. All on the recommendation of my naturopaths and my cancer doctor and his naturopath.

I know a lady from my area who also read many books and decided on Bill Henderson. She does do carrot juice. She is totally doing it all on her own with no naturopaths and will go have scans in March and I can't wait to hear.

My onc says that I am under control and keep doing what I am doing. He goes along with ALL the supplements,etc I am doing. I will not have scans until June. My bloodwork in January was fabulous according to my onc. Both my naturopaths from their tools to analyze me says things are also under control. They tweak and fine tune as needed.

I guess what I would say is do your research. I did not listen to just one person but gathered lots of info, found people naturopaths who could help, talked to people on some of these groups, etc. I asked what their success rate in cure was so I would ask the person you are dealing with that question.

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I know nothing about Bill Henderson or his book except one thing. He mentioned "buy my book" 6 or 7 times. He is selling something!!!

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That is a good point that he is selling a book BUT I would add that everyone we go to be it a naturopath or someone else is making money from selling something. I have never personally talked to Bill Henderson but he only sells a book which if you shop around you can get for a few dollars on Amazon so he doesn't make anything from that. He does not sell supplements and that is where we are hit hard by those making a buck - taking advantage. I bought his original book for $5.00. Cheap enough.

Some of my supplements are double the price from some vendors and I stay clear from them. I stay clear of websites that say here is a cancer cure or something that helps cancer and then you have to buy "their" article or buy "their" supplement or they only recommend that "theirs" is the best. If I remember right Bill Henderson's book gives recommendations of different places you can get the supplements cheaper IF you decide to go that route.

I appreciate at least someone trying to understand that this gets expensive. I don't mean that people should not make money - it is their time, etc. I only mean that they should be fair and that is what I look for - integrity and people willing to help. Like Barlean's where you can get a discount on the Flax Oil if you have cancer.

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I noticed in your post you mentioned you uses a Rife machine. I just started researching that, since a friend of mine just bought one for her Lime Disease. I found this article and wanted to pass it along.

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I don't know anything about the Bill Henderson diet. I do know that proper nutrition and certain foods can help us with our fight against cancer. I have a video I just received but haven't watched yet called Cancer and Diet.

Anyway, a lot of it is common sense. We can help ourselves fight this beast. And, someone mentioned wanting to be able to enjoy food. You can eat a lot of healthy, cancer fighting foods that are delicious and nutritious. I mean, how many people don't like blueberries, and I can eat it a lot of ways and still raw and healthy.

Meat is a problem yes, the bigger problem is we eat way more meat than our bodies require. Honestly, you don't need to eat a whole slab of meat with every meal. I used to eat meat around 3 times a week, then fish or chicken or some form of veggie protein. Your meat portion should be a 3rd of you your veggie and/or whole grain portion on your plate when you do have meat. You should eat a lot of cruciferous (dark green) veggies, they have cancer fighting properties. We should all be eating a lot less, none really, processed foods.

Okay, I don't follow my own advice very well, it's not easy to do, especially when you're sick from treatments but, I keep fresh foods in my fridge, and raw nuts and other things all on hand. I don't buy processed foods that have more than 4 or 5 ingredients and/or items I can't pronounce or wouldn't keep in my pantry or fridge.

I have so much more to say but gotta run, a friend is picking me up for lunch and I'm not even dressed yet. More later if I remember.

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I live around lot of Amish. They have a guy who has used a Rife machine and had alot of success. I have not gone to him. I found out from an M.D. in Detroit about her use of it and her success. Decided to give it a try. Won't hurt. I think it all depends on how "alternative" one is willing to be. This forum does not seem to tend to lean toward the medical only response and I prefer to do both. I am being evaluated with many different tools. I don't rely only on the doctors.

I believe I am having success with the Rife Machine. I do know if nothing else it has definitely worked for a sinus infection and for my husband's back injury. We saw results in 30 minutes. And yes I have heard of alot of people using it for Lyme disease with success. Good luck to your friend.

I definitely follow all the diet - no whites, no meat, no sugar, no processed food, only organic, no dairy. Raw as much as possible. I juice mostly greens (rarely add apple or carrot) Eat mostly veggies, beans for my protein, alittle fruit by itself. I have no problem doing this. Feel great and have tons of energy.

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