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God Bless you all as you move ahead on your treatments and more importantly on your life! My father in law is beginning chemo treatments for bladder cancer in about 3 weeks. I know I'm in the wrong spot for this type of treatment but my wife said she needed to ask but didn't- Mayo docs talked about "rounds of treatment" with Gemzar and Carboplatin. (I'm finding this is a very common combination of drugs). He's getting both drugs the first time, then one of them for the second treatment and then the next time - both drugs again. When the docs talk about "one round"... How much is "a round" - is it a month or is it a cycle... is it different for each patient? Any light you can shed on the topic would be so very helpful! Thank you for your time.

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I think it can be different depending on the type of cancer. Also your blood counts factor into the schedule. The combo is known for knocking the hell out of your platelets. I did 7 rounds. For me 1 round equaled 2 actual treatments. Originally I was to get both one week, only gemzar the second and then 1 week off. Didn't work that way. My platelets did not rebound very well. So then for round 2 we did both both weeks with the carbo being split. Still had the platelet issue. The next round (3) they cut the cocktail down. In the long run what happened was I got both for 4 rounds/over 4 months getting it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. When my PET was NED they then changed it up again so that every other week I got both. By round 3 though they had reduced the amount.

Overall it is a very gentle human chemo. Good for quality of life. Hair thinning is an issue. Nausea can be but I religiously took emend trifold pack and zofram when I needed it.

I wish your family much luck. Ginger candies can help with the nausea too.

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