masturbation at old age

I have encountered one entry on your website on the subject of masturbation at old age. The member who wrote that entry stated that he masturbated at the age of 70. My situation is different. I am 83 now. I stopped having sex with my wife when I was 78 and I thought I had lost my ability to have any sex activity due to my age as erection or ejaculation was no longer possible. During the past few years I masturbated occasionally from time to time. But recently while I was surfing on the net I came accross many nude photos and sex videos which greated aroused me. I am lately much involved in masturbation, almost daily, wondering if it will harm my health or my lifespan. I have also consulted "go and ask alice" and many similar websites but I don't have my problem in mind fully answered because my age is no longer 60 or 70.. I also wonder if I am adopting a mistaken manner of masturbation. For fear of harming my health, I usually stopped masturbation as soon as semen begins to seep out of my penis head, long before the climax. I have also come across a passage lately saying that masturbation should be done slowly, meaning rubbing the penis slowly and controlling one's breath, breathing in during an downward stroke and breating out while upwards and I will try Anyhow, advices on whether or not masturbation at my age is allowed, and whether or not stopping masturbation just at the appearance of semen at the penis head is even more harmful to my health will be much appreciated.
an old guy of 83.

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I am no expert concerning the medical issues, but I sure hope you have discussed this issue, especially specifically what you are watching online or on videos, with your wife; because most women consider such action a type of disloyalty or infidelity if it is done secretly. It's also important to talk with her regarding why the two of you stopped being sexually intimate when you were 78--I would respectfully advise you to try to address that problem with your wife under the guidance of a medical doctor and/or counselor. There are medical and counseling options that can re-start an intimate relationship with your wife, even during the golden years.


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