Psoriasis, TBI, and Heart Problems??!!

As if having 2 TBI's and P is not enough, and by the way had a nerve block couple of weeks ago for Deteriorated Disc disease in my hip, I had to go to the hospital emergency Saturday a week ago for SVT of 196, and a BP of 210/105....head killing me, heart beating out of my chest, blurred vision, and pain in my chest to my left arm through the chest and down the arm......Stopped at the local ER long enough to have my heart stopped with adenisone, and BP slowed but showing signs in blood tests of damage to my heart! After the thrilling(huh!) ambulance ride from the bandaid station to Pinehurst Reed Heart Center, I was probed, X-Rayed, MRI'ed and Electrocardiogramed to death, along with all the blood they had to take! After One days worth of tests, the cardiologist strides in and pronounces I have SVT.(supraventricular tachycardIa) and heart failure...proceed to the cardiac cath lab, and immediately am knocked out by whatever they gave me, and the procedure begins..the nurse told me I would be awake and alert during the procedure, and that I would be able to watch it on the screen...The doc laughed when I woke up and told me I was a cheap date, and they had found no damage due to cholesterol{Huh..what's with all the high numbers I keep getting on my lab results? but my meds are working to keep my arteries clear!}
But I digress, the nest day, they went back into my veins on both legs, and did the cardiac ablation on two errant pacemaker nodes. Was dismissed from the hospital for home on the day before Thanksgiving, given the OK to travel if I felt like it, and wound up the next day sore and battered with a cold from my hospital no traveling for me.
So after all my complaints, the P raises it head and has spread to my arms legs, chest, and feet! But I am alive, and the docs did tell me if I had not gone to the ER when I did, Most probably would not have been here to post TODAY...Dec. 2, 2013! Three times now have escaped what should have been sure death...And this ole girl is praising God, and wondering what it is I am here to do?? There has to be a reason for all this---just have not figured it out yet!

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