War on patients with chronic pain/petition the FDA

Please have your voice heard on this important issue. PROP (Physicians for Responsible Opiate Prescribing) has requested that the FDA limit access to opiate pain medications to those w/ chronic non-cancer pain. By signing this petition, addressed to the FDA, Congress, and the President, you will be letting them know that you support patients and their rights. The same right to treat intractable pain set out in the Code of Federal Regulations/1988 and in numerous state Intractable Pain Acts; ie Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas(2003), Colorado(1996). http://www.medsch.wisc.edu/painpolicy/publicat/95apsip.htm
PROP seeks to restrict treatment of non-cancer pain to no greater than 90 days, at a level of <100mg morphine or equivalent, re-scheduling hydrocodone as a schedule II medication (currently schedule III) restricting access this medication to doctor appts only with no refills or phone in prescriptions. They seek to restrict labeling to cover only severe pain (currently covers moderate to severe pain).

The April 2013, the AMA wrote a letter to the FDA requesting that the PROP petition be rejected. You can read their letter here:
http://www.ama-assn.org/resources/doc/washington/opioid-prop-petition-lette r-09april2013.pdf

To have your voice be heard and sign the petition against PROPs attempted assault on patient's access to pain treatment please click here:

For more reading about the DEA's assault on doctors, patients, and pharmacies in the War on Drugs and how you may be caught in the crossfire:

http://americannewsreport.com/nationalpainreport/a-worried-dad-pain-patient s-need-to-unite-for-dea-reform-8819510.html

http://americannewsreport.com/nationalpainreport/living-with-pain-is-the-wa r-on-pain-patients-a-human-rights-violation-8815733.html

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304636404577297332734154326.h tml?mod=googlenews_wsj

http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/06/16/us-dea-prescription-drugs-idUSBRE 85F09220120616


*Irony alert-marijuana has recently been approved, even for 'recreational use' in Colorado and Washington (worst offender of intractable pain policies) but disabled patients with pain are having increasing difficulty finding physicians who will treat them and pharmacies who will fill their Rx. Strange times we live in...................


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Thanks for sharing the info.

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Thank you so much...PS the link above to sign at Change.org does not actually link to the site. You'll have to get rid of the #share at the end to connect to the petition.

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Try this link to sign the petition, click on the first choice..........


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This is the link I used. It worked.

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i've been on oxicodone & morphiene for about 4yrs for my sarcs pain & it only takes the edge off,but without them,i might as well take out 1, .50cent .380 bullet & use it!!

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i personally am trying to find another way besides narcotics for pain relief. Pain dr says that only narcotics will help. I hate how i am treated like i am drug seeker though pain doc sure does not want me to go off!
So many in pain when i go ...and so many are not getting enough. How can we get regular doctors to prescribe them so many of us do not have to travel hours to just pick up script!!

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I am really not into politics! But I saw this. I leave the house only when I have to here lately. It's hard to get about and around. Isn't it hard enough for some of us to make it to our appointments as it is. Not to mention pay any copays that are required. I feel like if you aren't showing signs of abuse, and they can and do profile you at pharmacies, then doctors need to continue treating pain. I also think marijuana should be legalized for medicinal reasons. It's not physically addictive like the narcotics and opioids are. And honestly, it helps better... So I hear...

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Colorado has had medical marijuana for several years, and a recent audit shows real problems with oversight: only a few doctors are writing the majority of prescriptions, and most are for males in their early 20s. Now we add rec marijuana (Constitutional amendment, stupid) with a brief period to get it into place...

Marijuana does work for cancer patients and for some in chronic pain- but obvious abuses of the system here are leading to major difficulties for those who legitimately could be helped. Plus the issue of consistent strength of dose, and purity, managing growers...

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Thanks so much for letting us know of this petition to sign.
Well done!
Bob in IL.

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COnative, the same thing goes on with prescription narcotics. Yes the FDA can control what and how much go into a pill, but who's not guilty of taking more than prescribed? And pot isn't physically addictive. I am at this point physically addicted to my pain killers. If I don't take them, I start getting withdraw symptoms because i have been on them for so long. I don't have a problem with going out out to buy them off the street or anything like that, but my body is chemically dependent. There are some drs that write little to no pain killers and there are some you can get hundreds a month from. Pot isn't legal here in OH yet. But in MI it is, and I agree people abuse it. But they do with other meds too. But if say for instance I run out of pills (or pot) before I am due for a refill, that's my own damn fault. That's where we run into a problem. I hate it when people complain about having to take a pee test to get pain pills to see if the right levels are in your urine. If that's what they have to do to regulate it, sure. Just like getting checked at the airport. I am right up front with my doctors. Last month I had to get my pain meds upped because the others weren't touching it. So I was honest and up front with him. I told him I know people abuse it, but I'm not one of those. I am also on 2 different pain killers. Sometimes one works, sometimes the other. I also explained that to him too. You just have to get a doctor you know and trust. And that knows and trusts you.

I went to the ER on night before my dx. They made me feel like the biggest freaking crackhead ever. Now if I go, I make it abundantly clear that I do not enjoy sitting in the ER all night, but I need help. That's why I came. I've had different experiences in different states. In md, I had back spasms one day the term I used was I had been eating my Vicodin like smarties. They have me a Percocet right there even before I was triaged. That was a few years ago. But my husband went to the same hospital with a broken foot and they didnt give him so much as a Motrin. Idk why that happens.

That was a long post and I'm babbling now. So I should get to bed. :)

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coonhound, thanks for posting.

Whether we are at the point of needing constant opiates for pain or not, we all could get there some day, and I want my doctors to be able to prescribe what is needed when that happens.

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Thanks for the heads up. Without my pain pills, I am less that nothing. Addicted? No. But I cannot walk or work without them. I will be in more of a daze without them than with.

I know what y'all mean when you say some doctors freely give them. I am on 8 different prescription pain relievers. Eight!

I am working with my pain management specialist to get the list down to two or 3 maybe 2 oral and one topical. But all pain relievers don't work the same on all pain.

This has been my fear all along, after hearing about Florida and their strict pain management issues.


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Thanks! I signed!

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