I am so happy to share my story of my Scleroderma Journey with the World.

I was diagnosed in July 2001 and have many challenges along the way.
With my journal writing a GIFT of Writing Automatic Poetry was wonderfully discovered by myself and I want to inspire and help you all who are following this path.

I went to Pasadena California Nov 8th and along side the HAY House I can Do It Event I introduced my Book THE GIFT WITHIN.

Thank you to all who supported me.

Love, Light and Healing

Margie Kugler

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may I ask to continue with your conversation

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Ok Thank you

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Busybee, I'm so proud of you. I'm happy that you were able to attend the Hay House Summit.
Sounds like you found your higher consciousness.

I also journal quite often and want to help others through my journey.

Keep up the good work and follow your passion.

Chris in Chicago

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Hello and Thank you so much pain free for your was not easy to move my aching body half way around he world, but I know it was for others that I did this not for myself.The fact that you are touched is a wonderful feeling for me.I wish you all the best for a speedy healing and my thoughts are always with you out there searching for a smile of hope.

Love Margie

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PRETEND GAMES??????????? How can you say that the talent, joy and passion of someone cannot ease the pain of another or help them through difficult times.

Margie has found a great coping mechanism to help her get through a very difficult time.
I applaud her.

I chose to get the best care I can find for my disease and have had success with treatments and medications for many different symptoms.

That alone is not enough for me.
Faith, trust, daily prayer, meditation, and affirmations keep me in a positive spirit, and help me get through each day.

WE (Auto immune diagnose-es) carry around a lot of shit. Do we really want to bring it every where we go? I DON'T!

No one is down playing your pain. It's real and I for one know that.

I pray for your healing.

Peace, joy and love.

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Hello Chris,

I am so grateful for you support, it has bought a tear to my eye to see such compassion.
Thank you so, so much.

Bless you
Love margie

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