Hay House I CAN DO IT EVENT Pasadena Nov 8th

Hi Everyone, I just want to share my dream come true.

I am attending the Hay House I Can DO It Event in Pasadena California this year Nov 8th.My Poetry Book about my journey with Scleroderma and many other diseases has bought me there for A BOOK SIGNING.

I am so blessed to have this opportunity and hope to share my inspiring poetry with you all to comfort and help all the people out there suffering just like me.


A LIONS HEART Dedicated to my Lovely, close friend SHELLEY

I may seem fragile
I may seem weak
My will and force
Are centered inside of me
My body is but a shell
To move through life
What resides for real and Bright
Is a Lions Heart.
There is much desire
To conquer all the pain
I shed the lessons
I rise again
For what matters most
Is the strength of Spirit
That never gives up
Indeed a Constant Spark.

Love and Healing Margie

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Thank you for sharing your poetry, and congratulations on the book signing.
Love and Light, Candace

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Congtrats have a great time, you must be proud.

Hugs marshie

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Thankyou so much CandaceXX

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Hi Marshie, I am very proud, thankyou.XXMargie

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Congratulations on your published poetry book and your upcoming book signing at the I Can Do It in California. I had the good fortune of attending an I Can Do It conference in Toronto Canada. I know you will be overjoyed with the reception you receive. When I read that you had written poetry to help you cope with Scleroderma I felt goose bumps. I would love to purchase your book. Please tell me how I can purchase your book. Best regards

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Hi Groovy girl,

Thankyou for your lovely words, so nice of you.If you would like to purchase my book just go to BalboaPress USA Bookstore.
Key my name margie kugler or the name of my book The Gift Within.

Hope you love the poetry and may it help you be inspired.

Love Margie

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