Daily Quotes-6

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with
money, and that is sincerity and integrity "
>Donald A. Adams

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I really enjoy your quotes. Thanks for posting.

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Yes. I enjoy them also. Thank you. Liver2009

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Hi OldChaz, sounds like you are feeling really bad. I am new to the group and can only imagine what you suffer. Vascular disease is horrible. No one understands unless you have been there. I think Vision and Views is just trying to help those who may find some glimmer of hope in words of wisdom. But, it does not seem valuable to you and that is okay. Just keep looking for the answers and support you need and remember why you joined the group.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing because it seems like you are really going through a tough time and I for one, am here if you need to share anything that bothers you. I may not have answers, but I can certainly relate to your feelings of suffering, despair and depression. NOt easy at all...not at all.

God Bless!


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hello everyone, im racquel the mother of this child. please advise me if you have know about to raised the funds foundation. because of my child inborn with BILIARY ATRESIA. but now he is 2 years old, presently confined. doctors advised me to liver transplant in taiwan. i need to raise the funds, but how can i do that? i have facebook to visit who wants to visit . search racquel llanes. thank you

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Gorgeous, your reply to oldchaz was really fine. Understanding and caring. I find these quotes interesting and a nice distraction from the concentration on my problems.

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p.s. I didn't say anything that was offensive.....

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