interstim and tanning bed

Can I use the tanning bed with an interstim implant?? Will it hurt anything.? I have severe vitD deficiency and am taking 100,000 units of VitD a week to bring it up. It has now been suggested to me that the tanning bed could possibly help the VitD level and also help the aching muscles that I have. Any thoughts?

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Hi, Victom,
Yes, as far as I know it is safe to use
a tanning bed, no interference. I have an interstim
and have been tanning 2x weekly for 1-1/2 yrs.
However, I use ONLY the bronzing beds, with
bronzing rays only. I have never received a burn
and I to am battling a Vitamin D issue. After 6 months
in the bronzing bed, my levels increased and I felt
better. It has to be from that. In Texas it is much to
dangerous to sit in the sun to receive the same
benefit. Hope this helps, but seek out the "bronzing"
beds only or they may be known as level 5 beds.
Take care and GOD bless,

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Thank you for the info - I will check this out

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