GPAR<---Check it out

I learned this from a really good teacher and it helps...GPAR stand for Goal, Plan, Action, Result
G-Specific measurable, things you want to improve in life, also Define the problem that is preventing you do get to your goal
P-Specific ways to get to your goal
A-Carry out your plan
R-What your expect to happen
**You do need to write it down to make it work.**

G-get up at 6:30am (Problem- I hit the snooze button)
P-Move my alarm clock to the other side of the room so I have to get up to shut it off.
A-Move it/Go to bed at a reasonable time/ Get up
R-I Got up a 6:30am
This easy, quick, do-able, possible. This process works for a lot of things wether it your goal is to lifting 5 pound weights before bed or from preventing you from over doing the cookie. Or even making sure you make a phone call it help for every day things try it and get back at me....

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Great Post! And I like to take it a little further (this is based on the Excuses Be Gone book by Dr. Wayne Dyer)... Imagine what you'll be like when you've obtained your goal weight... how will you move, how will you eat? And then, incorporate those behaviors into your daily routine as if you've already reached that goal... that way, you end up acheiving it because you're already behaving that way (my success at it so far - 42 pounds gone)! Donna

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