Does Medicare cover Reclast for osteoporosis?

My doctor asked me to research this before ordering it for me.

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Hi SunnySherry: Yes MC covers Reclast. Check with them, and any supplemental insurance you might have, to see what the copay might be. If you look at Novartis' web site it does say that Reclast is covered by Medicare part B not part D (rx-plan).

Check the FAQ's section on insurance coverage.

Good luck with this I hope you do very well!!

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Thanks. I contacted the Reclast mfgr. and they are faxing some forms to my doctor to fill out. They said they will check with my insurance company (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN) which is my secondary provider and set everything up. I appreciate your response. Are you taking this Reclast yourself?

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Hi SunnySherry, you're welcome... No I've never taken Reclast. I took Actonel, then 2 years of Forteo and I'm on Evista now. I'm interested in Denosumab, if it gets approved by the FDA.

If you've read the Novartis web site notice the recommendations for a calcium and creatinine clearance test before the infusion. If the cc comes back lower than 35 they don't recommend it, but you can talk to your Dr. about that. Also be sure your calcium level isn't low either since Reclast and all bisphosphonates can lower calcium levels in some people. They also recommend drinking plenty of water, before, during and after to help with possible kidney problems, in those with pre-existing kidney problems and those with severe kidney disorders.

Good luck...

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I started with Evista then went to Fossamax which I had trouble with then Boniva plus the Miacalcin nasal spray. The nasal spray has been drying me out so doc decided to take me off. My neurologist claims that Boniva is the only one that works and I'm still on that. The reason for trying the infusion is that I have had two fractures in the last three years. Fell in the shower and broke my wrist and now I fell again in the bathroom and broke my foot. The foot is not healing very fast and I'm still in the boot after ten weeks, They injected my own blood into the fracture to try and speed up the healing. I have narcolepsy/cataplexy so have trouble staying awake after taking the meds and that's a requirement on many of the medications. Just thought I'd give you a little more background. I'll let you know if I try the Reckast procedure and how it goes. Thanks for all your input.

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Hi Sunnysherry...Just a thought I would be a bit concerned about: If your doc does not know that medicare covers Reclast, I would wonder if he does much of this IV treatment. So, you might want a second opinion of a doc that does know more. My doc told me to use it a couple months ago, and I have been avoiding it so far due to the potential side effects. There are a few preperations you need to be informed about before and after the treatment Good luck. .

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Hello Sunnysherry:

My doctor wanted me to get Reclast as well. But then he realized that I am taking Omeprazole ( an anti acid medication) and then he told me not to get it. The only one I am able to take he told me was Evista.I am getting a bone density test in September. He will decide after the results are in.
Right now I am eating the right food and I am doing the exercises from the book by Sara Meeks.
I hope that my osteopenia has not progressed to osteoporosis.
So you have to let your doctor know if you are taking any anti acid medication.

Good luck.

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I took Reclast last was mostly covered by MC.
I also have been on Prevacid (acid reducing med) for years so check again about that combination. I found I needed to take calcium citrate not calcium carbonate (as in tums and most other calcium products) My dexa-scan was much improved this year.

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