pain after a LEEP

Me and my boyfreind had sex today and it has been about 3 weeks since I had a LEEP procedure.....the pain I felt afterwards was unbearable. I know I should not have had sex but it wasn't painful and we got carried away......between having colposcopys and biopsies it has been over 6 weeks!
I have no bleeding or anything unusual but I was worried about the pain I felt afterwards. It was a sharp pain...the worst I have ever had right on my cervix. Will I always have pain after intercourse? Is sex different after a LEEP?? Or is this simply because I had sex way to early. Some words from a LEEP veteran would be great. Thank you!

I also want to know if there is anyone in Orlando that is in their early twenties and was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ. I do not have anyone to talk to that is my age and it makes this whole experience very hard.

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Hi, Stevi,

You definitely should wait at least another 3 weeks before having actual intercourse - the worry is about infection in a site that is still a healing wound. If you think about it, you wouldn't abuse a scab like that in any other place on the body! Give yourself a chance to heal. It might even take a little longer, now that the site is aggravated. If you can't wait for sex, just use other methods that don't involve penetratrion.

As for whether sex ever feels the same - for me, it doesn't. Like you, I had carcinoma in situ (vaginal). I still can't figure out if it's psycological or physical - but it hurts, plain and simple. I had two LEEPS, though, over a period of five years.

My best thoughts to you. Keep in mind that your youth will be a great help in your fight against this disease. Work to improve your immunity, and your body's natural defenses may simply throw it off. Sometimes the shock of the LEEP kicks the immune system into high gear.

Take care - and take the time to wait a little longer. It will be in your best interest.


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Dear Stevi,

i am sorry that you had to go through CIS and all those treatments but, i hope you won't have to deal with this any more by keeping your immune system healthy.

I had CIS and CIN2 which is a long story and you can read my story if you wish but, i had a hysterectomy in July 2008 which went very well. i am not your age however, i live very near your area (Alafaya Trail- passing Waterford Lake) so please feel free to contact me if you wish.

I wish you the best of luck and i am hear to help if you need someone to talk to.

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Dear satya,

i am very sorry about what you went through and hopefuly it will be the end of it.

i did have a hysterectomy for my CIC and CIN2 6 months ago but i guess i was one of those unfortunate woman who has had a recurrences of Dysplasia. About 3 months ago my first pas post hysterectomy indicated HGSIL so i did have a biopsy 2 weeks ago which indicated a moderate dysplasia in the vagina. i am booked for a laser on the 14th of January and hopefully he will be able to evaporate all the bad cells. Now i am a bit anxious by reading your post regarding the pain you have in that area after your leep. i did not have any problem or pain after hysterectomy but i am still healing after 6 months.

i just wanted to wish you the best of luck and i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Bless you.

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I had my LEEP done in September for CINIII. I waited about 6 weeks for intercourse and it was uncomfortable the first couple times, but it is not anymore.

The only thing that still bothers me is that menstrual cramps are much worse now.

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I was diagnosed in my mid-twenties with carcinoma in situ (vaginal and glandular) and had two colpos and one LEEP. I did not and still do not have any residual pain from the LEEP while having sex. Give it time to heal and you should be fine. I have been PAP/ECC clear for six years now, so there is hope that everything will be ok. I had repeats every three to four months for five years. I hopefully will be released to a yearly soon (I went yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed the results come back clear)! Learn as much as you can, knowledge is power.

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me. Keep your head up and stay positive.

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Thank you for your reply, that made me feel alot better. It's so scary to think that something as precious as sex will never be the same! I really hope everything continues to go well for you. Thank you for your reply.

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I was so happy to find your post. you have some of the same questions i do. I am 3 weeks post LEEP. I havent had sex with my boyfriend yet because i still have discharge and i have developed an infection at the LEEP site, but i was wondering if having sex would hurt (when i finally get to again!). It hurt alot for a few months before the proceedure so i am nervous and scared about it. it is horrible to think that something so amazing will change... i hope so much for you that once you heal it will be amazing again and not cause you pain

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Hey girl!
It has been about a month since I posted that and I decided to wait another full 3 weeks before having sex again. It does hurt in some positions but I think it's because my body is not used to having sex and my cervix may be a little tender. It gets better every time and I am so happy that things are back to normal for the most part. Just do everything the doctor said and don't try "other stuff" and get in the heat of the moment......a few moments of pleasure isnt' worth messing up your body and your boyfreind should understand that. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I really hope everything goes well for you.

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