I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep my nose from being so dry, sore, and bleeding all the time because of the oxygen 24/7?

Any thoughts would be great...


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To help with the dryness, try rinsing your nose with saline bath a couple of times a day. You can buy the kit at most pharmacies. Also, try applying an antibiotic cream to theinside of your nose.
I use a c-pap machine and also suffer from the dryness and these were things he DR suggested.


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Thank you very much Dawn...I shall try both of your suggestions....I am just miserable with my little nose...lol... :):)

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Ditto Dawn's response. Neosporin Plus- the plus part is topical pain med (bonus). They make cheeper generic versions too. Not only will this prevent infection, help pain, but also heals too.-Jayne

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Humidity. Your O2 (oxygen) concentrator should have a way to attach a 'bubbler' so you can run distilled water through it. Check with your supplier and they can send out a respiratory therapist to attach one. I'm finally off O2 24/7 but still need it at night...I can bleed the O2 into my CPAP, and it has its own humidifier attachment.

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Hi ShannonZ---

One bit of info you should be very aware of; anything you use in your nose HAS to be a water-based product; you can't use oil or grease-based products with oxygen.

There are two dangers with oil-based products and oxygen; one is that it increases the risk of fire (and fire spreads EXTREMELY rapidly in oxygen!) and the other is a personal risk to YOU----oil or grease in your nose or on your lips can 'aerosolize', which means that tiny microscopic bits of it can break off and go down into your lungs along with the oxygen.

This can cause a condition called 'lipid pneumonia'. If you get lipid pneumonia, there is no antibiotic or any other drug that can cure it; you just have to hope your body can fight it off on its own, because it's not a pneumonia caused by an infection. It's particularly difficult to get rid of, too.

I know whereof I speak; not only have I worn oxygen 24/7 myself for the past 10 years, but I was a respiratory therapist for 23 years, myself. I saw these things happen to some of my patients who didn't know about oil-based products.

You'd be amazed at how many doctors and nurses don't know about these things, either! I was CONSTANTLY educating them about oils and oxygen!!!

I use a bubbler on my oxygen (I'm on 6 liters a minutes, which absolutely REQUIRES a bubbler!) and I also use plain old K-Y jelly in my nose when it gets too dry and sore (it's water-based, so it's fine to use).

Know what the very best treatment for it is? Pure and simple---drinking enough water every day. I can't STAND water, even bottled water, so I invented my own form of bottled water that I can stand; I get those little squirt bottles of lemon juice, and save the bottles and caps when I finish the juice.

Then I wash them out, filter tap water through a Brita pitcher, and fill them 2/3 full of that water, and put them in the freezer with the cap on, but not closed off (the water needs expanding room as it freezes, so you can't close the cap all the way).

Once it's frozen, you can add more water from the pitcher, slip the bottle into a 'cooler sleeve' to keep it cold longer, and drink right through the squirt cap.

Wash the bottle & cap each time, so it doesn't start to grow anything, but they last quite a long time.

But drinking enough water works even better than a bubbler or the K-Y jelly.


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Thank you so much Laurel for the great information that I didnt know. I do have a bubbler on mine too and i am set at 3.5. It just doesnt seem to work as good as i would like. I will try to use the K-y jelly too. I am not a great fan of water either...lol...i thought that was funny...teehee...and I so believe that nurses and docs dont know...lol..I will try the frozen water trick :):)

Take care,

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Hi, Shannon...

I've had to educate SO many docs and nurses over the years...took me 21 years to get my diagnosis, and another 30 after that to finally find a doc who had ever treated anyone besides me who had it...life does hold a few miracles, though, if you are lucky!
It's amazing how many things I've learned as time has gone on, that no doctor I've ever met has known about.

Like apples for acid reflux...got acid reflux? Eat an apple, believe it or not. Jonagolds are best, but Granny Smiths run a close second...Pink Ladys are about the only ones I've heard of so far that don't work too well. AND they work in seconds----far, far faster than all those expensive prescription pills!

Ever heard of a mustard plaster? They used to use those years ago for things like pneumonia, and there actually was something to it...mustard (the way they used to make it at home for these things) was quite hot and spicy, and VERY strong-smelling. They'd mix it up, stick it in some linen, and tie it around your chest. The wet mustard would seep through to your skin and heat it up, like chili does, and you'd be forced to breathe in the fumes, which would irritate the airways a bit and get you coughing the junk up out of there.

They also used to do onion plasters for the same purpose, but they weren't as hot on the skin, usually (unless they didn't cool them at all when they took them out of the frying pan!!)

I collect things like this, for my own use...I check them out, and if they work, I use them; if not, I get rid of them. They are usually cheaper and often better than what the docs and drug companies do for us...and sometimes (like the apples!) even taste better! lol


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Hi. I have Sarcoid in my sinuses and other places. I have sinuses surgery a few years ago. I would get nose bleeds that would last 2 hours at a time- like running water. I use the saline rinse and antibacteria ointment with Q-tips at least twice a day. I also use a humidifier at night. I also drink hot water with fresh lemon. It helps my throat with the post nasal drip issues. Hope this helps. Feel better.

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Hi shannielars,
I really enjoyed your post. I was raised on the mustard and onion plasters and they work! Mom also bought some purple cream called neumotisin that she would apply on linen and then bind it to my chest. That worked quite well, I was sorry when you couldn't buy it anymore.
Was glad to hear about the apples for acid reflux. That seems to run in my family and I have never heard of that. I'll try that and pass it on to my kids and siblings.
I have a bubbler on my concentator, have been on oxygen for almost 2 yrs and have no problems with my nose being too dry.
Again, I want to thank you for your post. Have a great day!

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You too, Annie, and you're welcome!

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I have been on oxygen 24/7 since Nov. 2008. I also had a problem with bloody noses. I was using 4L/min and had a humidifier. My allergist recommended a Netti Pot Saline rinse daily and Ayr saline nasal gel daily in each nostril applied with tip of the little finger. While these helped some, the most effective results came when I started using an pendent style Oxymizer nasal cannula 24/7. My doctor ordered this type cannula. It is covered by my insurance. My oxygen flow is down to 2L/min.

Information from web site:
"OXYMIZER Pendant or Mustache Conserver Cannula by CHAD
During exhalation, a reservoir contained within the face piece or pendant fills with oxygen and is then delivered to the patient upon inhalation." It requires a lower liter per minute flow to maintain desired saturation levels, thus decreases the amount of oxygen used. Your portable tanks will last longer. "[Can] use with all Continues Flow oxygen sources." "Proven efficacy while sleeping and during exercise.Built-in humidification effect - no need for supplemental humidification."

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Shannon, if you have the means try Penta water. I had the bleeding and painful nose till I did 2 things. I experimented with using Penta water and ran humidifiers year round in my apartment. And I use big ones too. I bought a hygrometer as even the ones with one built in are inaccurate. The pain in my nose is more accurate! He he. At first I could get by with levels at 50-51% Now I am so dry I need higher levels even with my Penta. For me I have dianosed with sicca. You may have something like this if you are in this much distress in you nose.

Yes lots of water can make a big difference. My doc just told me I have to do a gallon a day and add salt to my diet. I sure made a differnce in my fatigue level. The Penta get into my body faster when I am starting in the morning and need my throat moist enough to swallow well.

If Penta was gonna work for you you would know if you tried 3 bottle a day for 3 days. I get we are all different and some folks wouldnt have the big response like myself. The fella that developed the water has Fibromyalgia. He just wanted to feel better.
For me it works. For others it would not. There are alot athletes that find it helps their endurance.

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This is a recommendation from my mother because i have complained about a dry nose. Take a q-tip and put a small amount of vasline on the tip and gently place the vaseline inside ur nose to help keep it moist. The other recommendation that i have is to have a humidifier running in the room that u r in the most, to try to help keep more moisture in the room. Hope u find something to help u soon.

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just read about the petroleum product problem so my suggestion about vaseline wont work. medications such as pilocarpine or evoxac are used for sjogrens disease and sjogrens type problems or dry eyes and mouth. i dont know if u suffer from them but it also helped me with my nose being very dry. i use a warm humidifier cuz i have to keep my room warm as i get cold easily.

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Thanks for the great information on oil-based moisturizers with oxygen... , as well as the other tips!

Sorry if this is "off topic" a bit, but does anyone else have problems with their nose "running" a lot after using oxygen for a while?

I find that when this happens I don't seem to get as much oxygen into me even though I have not changed the flow rate. (I use liquid oxygen)

Sincerely appreciate any suggestions!

karen b

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