Should I try a Chriopractor for Osteoporosis

Has anyone had any help with Chriopractor treatment
for osteoporosis???? I do not want to take bisphosphonates, but I do take the calcium, Vit D
Vit K & strontium citrate. Thanks for any input!!!

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What do you want the chiropractor to do? You do not give us any information about your physical condition. I would suggest that you see a physical therapist or osteopathic doctor rather than a chiropractor and ask for specific exercises to help strengthen your core muscles. And, if you are not in danger of spinal fractures, some bone buidling exercises with weights. But do seek profesional help. Exercise is just as important as supplements for keeping your bones strong. A pilates class would be good too, but be sure to tell the instructor about your osteoporosis.
good luck

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Like arrows my feeling is what do you expect a chiropractor to do?

I would NEVER go to a chiropractor with osteoporotic bones. But I have just had a fall and been unable to walk without stooping with a stick and I saw a Bowen/McTimoney practitioner and can now walk upright again.

Bowen is muscular manipulation and getting the right muscles to work correctly. McTimoney is very gently osteopathy based more on vibration - no bone crunching.

If you want your body to work better you do need to exercise, but get exercises specific for OP.

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I went to an osteopath for neck pain awhile back. When I mentioned I had severe OP, she said that I would definitely NOT be a candidate for manipulation. In other words, if you have low bone density, it is very easy to fracture your spine by twisting it. For the same reason NOF tells us never to twist and never to bend forward, except from the hips. Good luck.


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There is no bone manipulation in Bowen, anyone with OP who has osteopathy is risking a fracture in my opinion. With Bowen it is 'muscle manipulation' not the bones.

I know quite a few people with OP who lead a far better life after a Bowen session.

Bowen is NOT osteopathy.

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Do not recommend. I would never consider it due to our bones being more fragile

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DON'T go to a chiropractor. I was manipulated by one and ended up with spinal fractures. Try Bowen.

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