Hi Everyone,

Is there something about having your thyroid gone or something about having hypo parathyroidism that makes pain worse no matter where it is at or what is causing it? As you know I went really hypo a few weeks ago because the doctor started me off on to low dose of NT. And I'm currently holding at the level I'm at for a few weeks to see if it will increase my numbers you know as it whatever's you know.

When I was in hypo despair my back got so cramped up I pinched a nerve right between your shoulder blades that goes down your arms and your hands. And my hands really are better than they were really but they are still so curled over I can't straighten them either one the right one is worse then left one I just can't seem to tolerate pain very much these days. I used to be able to just shut it off so easily. Now the pain from the neuropathy in my feet the pain in my hands. I'm just having a hard time tolerating pain of any kind.

I guess I'm just asking for any kind of help… I am taking muscle relaxer I am taken ibuprofen I'm even taking Lortab I which I hate to take I don't know what else to do at this point but I am just so tired of hurting maybe it's because this is been like 2 1/2 years of constantly hurting and I have just reached my international enough limit

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Wow...'re GP IS A WUSS. He should care enough about you to TRY upping your dose a smidge until the PAc returns! You are still under his care bc i think a PAc needs a dr to practice under. I'm really sad you are still going through this. I would ask the pharmacist (it's their job to know how to do this) to contact your doctor (since he doesnt know about dosing) for an increase. You could go to an urgent care or even the ER.

That's my suggestions (but I would start with the pharmacist). I know you're trying to be tough and ride it out but it's not worth it!


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I love all your suggestions, the only problem is irony called the pharmacist. I did talk to that Dr. that the charge of that PAC, well I talked to his nurse that didn't go well she actually apologized for what she was going to tell me. She told me I'm so sorry you're not to like this message at all… She was right so I went to see my family Dr. and bless her heart she got the extra medicine for me and I have been slowly increasing it over the last few weeks but you can only go so fast. Otherwise you end up in trouble, I have almost doubled the dose I was taking and I need to ride this out for a few weeks to see if this is can be enough as I know I certainly do not want to go into hyper land. I just came out here to whine… Got any cheese? We do have a party… A great big pity party! I'm sorry I hurt so bad I'm just trying to find the funny someplace… My humor seems to have become a sick and twisted as I am. I am sleeping more I think I've definitely move from hypo despair into hypo land… Which is a step up. But I actually do think I'm pretty close to where I should've been to start with.

My family Dr. just took me at my word and wrote me a prescription for the 97.5 of the NT 4 times a day. I'm not taking that much yet, actually taking two and half of those a day. And one of her gals just called me yesterday and told me that they already have jumped through hoops they needed to with my insurance to get that medication approved (CC RX required an exception) and not only is it approved but they have it approved through 2020 something I don't remember a long time.

So I love my family Dr. and the internist and go jump in a hole someplace actually he's already in a box so I guess we can just leave him to suffer on his own. It is sad though isn't it. I'm just tired of hurting Patricia. I was hurting so bad with the Synthroid and Cytomel for two and half years I was on top of the neuropathy and all the Charlie horses and muscle pains and stuff I was having because I was hypo parathyroid. Them I started on the NT all joint pain went away and that was wonderful in till I went so hypo so fast that I wound up in hypo Hades. But that wasn't the fault of the NT that was the Dr.

So I've moved from hypo Hades through hypo despair and I think I'm just in hypo land right now but I sure hope I'm gonna move out here soon.

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Well I'm truly glad that you got some help! That is good news all the way around except for the pain. I have been taking Omega 3 as it is a natural anti inflammatory and it has been helping with some pain. Another thing that has been great therapy it putting a tennis ball in a tube sock (LOL I use a lot or tube sock!). I lean back on the ball when I get a knot in my back and it helps work it out. The sock helps me position and keep hold of the ball. For Heat on a muscle or Charlie sock and rice or flax seed. Nuke in microwave. As long as the area isnt inflamed heat won't hurt it. Soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts. Magnesium...

These are non Rx and something that won't interfere with your NT. I wish I could throw my magic pixie dust at ya and make it all disappear!

Hugs darlin


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Hi, Rache,

So sorry you are in so much pain. :( Due to endo office chaos and my trusting him too much, my endo reduced my Levoxyl way too much last Dec. and I ended up hypo. Had no idea it could happen so fast. I was only on the wrong dose about a month, but it took me 3 months to feel better! I hope you will feel better sooner. You are wise to take it slow, but what a price to pay....

Stay strong. Getting sleep is bound to help.

Be kind to yourself. Love Patricia's Epsom Salt idea. Excellent. Put a whole POUND (yep) in the tub and soak, lying down. And also the rice socks heated in the microwave for localized spots and the tennis ball. :-)

Hugs and prayers.

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For me, the pain comes from being hypocalcemic and not having my thyroid. I hurt most days so badly that I can't function without anti inflammatory meds. I think for some of us it's a fact of life. I hope you find some relief soon. Thinking of you.

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Thank you all for responding, I really appreciate it. I was hypocalcemia but I don't seem to be now. Unless I am just to hypothyroid to feel it… Which I don't even know if that's a possibility… My back is doing better and I am getting better at sleeping on my back though I still wish I could curl up on my side again. My hands okay honey I can't hold you sorry what your blanket was your blanket with Terry go lips are the real problem right now that my throat feels like it's collapsing every time I swallow it's like it's I don't know it's weird.

You realize everything that you do with your hands when you can do anything with your hands hardly anymore. My legs and feet still hurt to and well my back still hurts to but everything takes second place to my hands right now. I am so tired of hurting. The good news is I don't have to take very much calcium at all right now. I'm hoping that means my parathyroid glands are starting to kick in a little bit. I am still on one calcitriol, but I don't want to mess with that in till I know I will have a Dr. checking on my numbers fairly often. And I certainly don't want to try it in the middle of this madness.

I will have to find Macha's tennis ball for when my back flares up. I have a microwave but it's been under the cupboard for long time. I don't use it for anything anymore. Unfortunately as much as I would love to soak in the tub that is not an option right now. Maybe someday. I am going to physical therapy and my physical therapy is in the pool so that's a good thing. I do understand the hurting so badly that you can't function I've been there for two and half years now some days are better than others but it seems like there's something that's always hurting always… Sigh… And it really is better than it was honestly. The pain is not as severe as it was a couple weeks ago, so it is improving, is just doing it so blessed slow. And yes, I too am amazed at how quickly I wound up in hypo Hades! I finally get out of hypo despair just this week and I am now in hypo land. I can actually hold still right now and ease the pain. And there are moments when I find the right positions that it doesn't really hurt much at all! This is a happy thing! Now if I could just get to where I could turn the Bible of my pages I mean pages of my Bible without hurting I would be a happy camper!

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boy doI have a tendency to ramble and ramble and wander when I'm hypo, or what!

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Oh...hand pain... Have you ever tried DMSO (horse liniment)? I bought some at a feed store. What I bought is in a jar about the size of face cream. It's a gel so it stays put unlike the regular stuff. After a summer of twisting my hands hurt!
DON'T use if you have allergies to Sulfites. It could cause a severe rash at the site where you used it.


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Hi Patricia, does that cream work on carpal tunnel?


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I would give it a try. It doesn't take much and it has helped to stop my latest flare up with my right thumb. I know I have arthritis in my knuckle but from there to my wrist really ached so I bought some and started using it a few times per day. It has stopped hurting!

It absorbs through your skin and a few seconds after application you get this garlic and sweet clam taste. It doesnt bother me.

It pretty inexpensive so you're not out much money if you do try it.

I used to buy the MSM granules that they feed horses long before they came out in tablet form for human use. It was bitter! MSM is also DMSO2. Once you Injest DMSO it converts into DMSO2 or MSM. So you can buy the MSM supplements even at Costco so it's not harmful to use unless you have an allergy to it.

I think it would help with carpel tunnel but I'm only a clown not a medical professional so take that into consideration!


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but you're such a cute clown! It makes you very believable!

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I will have to do a bit of research as we don't have Costco here.

And some clowns seem to know more than some doctors :-)

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DMSO (horse liniment) ,, This is horse country up here ,, I will have to make some calls!

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DMSO - Feed store

MSM - Costco

DMSO works instantly as it is absorbed through the skin. MSM...can take a few weeks.

Cute clown? Sometimes grumpy... But still not taken seriously.



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I have problems with bone and muscle aches BUT i think I have finally worked out my problem. Since taking calcium with Vit D my pains are getting so much better. I am sure it is Vit D that has helped me immensly. I have also been taking Magnesium with some improvement but Vit D is magic. I have also been off balance again so googled "can deficiency in Calcium and Vit D cause loss of balance."
It was so helpful and I also think Vit D may help with my salivary gland swelling.
I had 2 para thyroids removed with the TT and since having a melanoma very rarely go in the sun. It is since the melanoma that things turned to sh#*
I hope you get some answers as I know how those pains feel!!

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Yes I have decided that pain is a pain! I to have to take additional vitamin D and calcium and calcitriol because of parathyroid problems but I think it's getting a little better at least I hope this I gonna do some blood tests and stuff at the end of the month so we'll see… Anyway thank you for what you said yesterday and today was much better pain wise men don't get me wrong I still have a lot of pain but when you have got three or four things going on at the same time it just becomes overwhelming! But today was better I'm so grateful except that I lost my keys I have no idea what I've done with them!

And even if you are grumpy clown you're still cute clown! And I take you seriously, seriously funny, isn't that an oxymoron? LOL

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