You CAN get rid of HPV & Cervical Dysplasia & Naturally!!!

I wanted to share my experience with anybody who is or was in my position dealing with CIN 1,11 or 111 and the HPV Virus.
First of all you CAN get rid of HPV despite of what people say because I did and you certainly CAN get rid of Cervical Dysplasia whether it be mild or severe because I did and If I can then any body else can AND the best thing about all of this is it's all natural so your cervix stays in tact!!! No cone biopsy, no Leeps and no worrying about future complications such as pre-term labor etc. because the Escharotic Treatment is a completely natural way of treating Cervical Dysplasia and HPV!
I found out in May I had abnormal cells on my cervix which of course immediately worried me and I am the biggest worrier ever so it consumed my life! I would research the internet for hours upon hours looking for information about what it could mean and why it came back abnormal - at the same time (between having my Pap test and getting the results) I had found out I was pregnant - of course this just added to the worry and stress of the whole situation. Long story short I miscarried at 11 weeks and had to have a D&C - 4 weeks later I was in for my Colposcopy... results came back CIN 1-11, my doctor literally wanted me to come in the next day for the LEEP procedure so off home I went with my results and impending LEEP appointment to spend a few more hours scrolling the internet for answers - but it just seemed to make matters worse and worry me even more! Very rarely would you come across a positive story or even it if was it wasn't a route I was willing to take to get to the end result, I knew there must be a natural way to fight this as there is with most things and All i was hearing were terrible experiences with the LEEP - pre-term labors, the HPV never going away, the cervical dysplasia coming back - I just couldn't believe what i was reading - I was going to go through all this, part of my cervix was about to be scrapped away and it might all not even be worth it in the end! No no no no no not a chance was I about to put my worrying self through that kind of stress there MUST be another way, a natural way. So I found some interesting studies online about Vitamins and there effect on Cervical dysplasia and also diet changes etc. it was fascinating - I spent hours and hours researching it and i now knew there was no way I was going to go to my LEEP appointment. The next day I went to my Pharmacy to buy the vitamins I had read about after I had stocked up on all the information online about it and reading hundreds of studies - i became my own doctor.
A lady at the pharmacy who was helping my told me about the Escharotic Treatments which is a natural way of healing Cervical dysplasia and getting totally rid of the HPV virus! I was overjoyed - she told me to look for a naturpathic doctor that performs these types of treatments (go to to find one near you) I found one nearby and I started the treatments the week after...that was in September 2010 and in January 2011 I had a follow up pap test and it came back normal and I no longer have HPV!!!
The treatment costs around $800 - it consists of 2 treatments a wk for 5 weeks - I did it every tuesday and Friday, yes it's time consuming and yes it's not comfortable and yes you can't have sex for the entire time really (which of course my boyfriend was very upset about but supportive none the less:) but it is soooo worth it, i can't even tell you and it's really not as bad as you would think - just think of it as a 15 minute pap exam with a little bit of a burning sensation. basically they clean your cervix, add the escharotic which burns slightly for 1 minute and then wash it off with calendula, after that you insert 2 supporitories and your good to go. Along with my treatments I did the following as advised by my ND (naturpathic doctor) :-
Cut down on Alcohol, caffiene, sugar, dairy (for some it's impossible to completely exclude these things from your life but drastically reducing your intake really helps.
I ate a lot of greens, always went for the healthy options, cut down my intake of red meat and only ate natural hormone free meat, lots of Wild salmon and other low mercury fishes are great! along with diet changes I took the following supplements as per directed by my ND :-
6,000 MG Vitamin C
6 mg - Folic Acid (I believe I was severly deficiant in Folic acid after being on the pill for so many years and this contributed to me having my miscarriage)
250,000 IU - Beta Carotene
2 x Green tea herb capsules (green tea plays a huge part in fighting the Cervical Dysplasia as it's a fantastic Anti-oxidant so I drank lots of green tea too.
I took a probiotic daily
Basic B complex Vitamin
and 5000 iu of Vitamin D
Plus I had 2x a day tincture of anti - HPV herbal supplement my doctor made for me.
After the treatments were done i followed them by sleeping with a supporitory every week night for 4 weeks and after that just continued to take my supplements!
Not even 3 months from the day I started my treatments I got a completely normal Pap result and I no longer have HPV!!! WOW wow wow can't even tell you how happy I am and I wanted to share my story (I know it's a long story but there's so much information to be shared) with everyone who is in the position i was in and are worried! I hope after reading this your mind it put to rest and you can sleep tonight knowing there is a way to treat this and a natural way at that! It's so frustrating that Medical doctors don't share natural alternatives with you (my GYNO had heard good things about the escharotic treatment but she only told me that once I told her that was the route I had decided to take) - I look forward to calling her tomorrow morning and telling her my good news!! Naturally all the way in my opinion is the only way and you know what after the diet improvements, taking vitamins and Supplements and doing more exercise - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure after all that your going to feel better than ever and that's exactly how i feel right now!! :)

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