Jaw pain 1 month after Reclast infusion

I had my second infusion of Reclast April 1st of this year with minor side-effects. I've been feeling pretty good until about 2 weeks ago when my right lower jaw, towards the front of my mouth started aching off and on. Last Thursday the ache became more intensified to where I had to take Motrin. The pain has not let up since then and I'm now taking 2000 mg of Motrin a day to help ease the pain until I see my doctor on Tuesday. I was curious if the Reclast might be causing problems with my jaw bone? There is no external swelling, but there is soreness to the touch on the outside of my jawbone and today when I swallow my gland hurts. Also, when I move my tongue, there is soreness under my tongue on the same side as the soreness of the jaw, but no swelling. I'm not running a fever, but do feel run down and when I try to eat something (other side of my mouth) just the movement of my jaw causes the pain to intensify. I have not eaten anything hard on the side of my mouth, that is sore, in the past two weeks so I know it's not in association to that. I have a cap in the area that is sore so I know that it's not a cavity and I'm pretty sure I had the nerve removed when the cap was put on.

Does anyone know the symptoms of jaw necrosis and can anyone give advice as to what their thoughts on this subject are.

This is the Memorial Day weekend and none of my doctors are in the office till Tuesday. If the pain gets to the point that I cannot control with Motrin then I will go to Urgent Care, but in reality they can't do anything other than prescribe pain meds which I can't take due to sensitivities. My Rheumatologist appointment is on Tuesday.

Thank you!


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Hopefully by now you have gotten to see your doctor; if not I would start with my dentist. I'll be finishing up Forteo in July and must make a decision as to what I'm going to take after that and was considering Reclast but I must admit I'm becoming leary of Reclast.

Let us know what you have learned.
Thanks, Betty

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Hi Betty~

I actually see my doctor this afternoon. For some reason I had the dates mixed up and thought my appointment was yesterday. My jaw pain has not gotten worse, a little better actually, which leads me to believe I fractured something. I've had abscesses before and it is nothing like that, thank heavens. I've been able to cut down on the Motrin which is good. I'll let you know what my Rheumatologist thinks about all of this.

I'm going to ask my physician if we can do another Dexa before the end of this year. I'm curious if the Reclast is doing anything or not.

Thank you for responding to my post.

I'll talk to you soon.


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Hi Betty,

I saw my doctor yesterday and mentioned the jaw pain. He said that jaw necrosis is always an issue with any Osteo meds, especially Reclast. He looked in my mouth and along the jaw line, inside, and did not see anything and told me to get to the dentist to have some x-rays done. I will call the dentist today. He did check both of the joints in my jaws and I have crunching when moving my jaws. I clench at night and wear a bite-guard. I have cracked a few teeth because of the clenching so the pain in my jaw could be a fracture of some sort. It's sore today with pain radiating into my ear, but I get that pain after a night of jaw clenching, which is what I must have been doing last night as well. That's part of the TMJ by the way.

I do know that last year when my dentist took x-rays he told me that there was something going on in the jaw. This is the same side that I'm now having pain. I wasn't having any problems, at the time, so we didn't go any further with it. The pain I'm having now may be that issue from last year that is just worsening.

I literally hate going to the dentist though. Uuugg..

I'll update.

By for now and take care.


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