Anyone have succes with Fosteum?

I am 63, and my recent scan results show that my osteoperosis continues to get worse. -3.3, -2.7, etc.
I am a vegetarian, eat well and routinely take vitamins and supplements.
One dr has recommended Fosteum. Sounds ok, but does it work? Has anyone had success with Fosteum? After how long? I don't believe there are any major side effects.
Another docter recommended Forteo. He said that it would cost around $600 per month, because my insurance wouldn't pay for it unless I have had a fracture! Go figure.
I am not crazy about this one, even though they say it is the "gold standard" for growing bone. A friend of mine had a client that had taken it and feels that it caused her kidney stones. Don't know if there might be a connect or not.
My dr's second choice was HGH injections, which would cost $200 per month.
I like the most alternative/healthy approach, when possible.
I am also curious if anyone has had measurable success with Strontium. I heard about it many years ago, but only took it occasionally. After just a glance at the comments here, it seems it might have some significant potential.
I have no interest in the Bisphosphonates.
Would like to learn about treatment options that have worked for you. Thanks!

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Hi Lea63... I've never taken Fosteum but some other members here have; maybe they'll respond. I don't know if any of the member's are still active, who took this, so you could put Fosteum in the Find It box above to pull up other, older discussions on this that I know occurred, several years ago or so. I had a friend who took it and did very well-no side effects. Since we all react differently to these treatment's, I'm not sure how you'll do, if you decide to take it, but at least it's not like the other medications that have tons of side effects. It is covered by most insurance companies, but if your insurance doesn't, Primus (manufacturer) has a discount program that is available to all regardless of your income, that makes the perscription even less expensive. It's not terribly expensive, but it is a medicinal food, and some insurance co's-like mine-won't cover things like this. Even though it's a medicinal food, you still need a prescription to get it filled, and it is FDA approved for the treatment of osteoporosis. If you've had any type of estrogen + cancer, it wouldn't be recommended for you/those who've had this because it wasn't tested on these patients and soy can act similarily to estrogen on breast tissue, etc.

I interviewed one of the docs on the clinical trial several years ago, if you'd like to read it. If so send me a message/friend request. The interview answers some important questions you'd probably have about it, regarding thyroid issues and soy, and other concerns. The main researcher on this was was Dr. Squadrito, et al. Let me know if you're interested.

Good luck with your decision!

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Hi Lea I sent you a friend request. See the listing of your messages above left in red/white. If you don't need any info on Fosteum then I'll disregard your request.

Take Care,

Pam Flores (windblown)

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Surely insurance wont pay for HGH (human growth hormone) either for osteo? It is a BIG money maker in the anti-aging category and this is where many medical folk have landed, disillusioned with financial returns with insurance . HGH is not a known standard treatment for osteoporosis. So far, its been known as a performance enhancing drug but found popularity with some men who feel they need a "boost" . The jury is still out on safety long term. HGH reacts with the pituitary gland and forteo with the parathyroid. I dont think there have been specific studies on how HGH affects osteoporotic folk (by anyone who isnt selling it) and there have been questions on its relationship to cancer (its a hormone ofcourse). It affects all bones, there fore jaw bone, brow bone etc may grow.... That is interesting your dr suggested it. What was his specialty? Let us know if you do it.

Fosteum is a medical food and cant hurt but its relatively new on the view so we dont know how much help it really is. Medical foods, by Rx are a whole new approach and I hope they succeed. (there are ones for alzheimers, parkinsons, depression, etc) Here is the inspire earlier discussion on fosteum: fosteum-new-medication/

It seems anything out for awhile is going to have known negative side effecst since they get reported with time. Remember we are altering a somewhat natural bone state of bone loss. Good luck and let us know your progress after a years time?

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ugh, not sure my link worked- try this or put fosteum iun search as windblown suggested. sorry

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Thanks Chalk!!! here's one with the clinical trial info. as-anyone-heard-of-fosteum/ that I forgot about.

Also, here's the prescribing info from Primus

The half-life of this medicinal food is: 9.6 hours

This came on the market in: 2006

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Please, read my recent post about Strontium and Fosteum. I did not read yet that Fosteum caused kidney disease. I know that more than 1200 mg of Calcium causes kidney disease. My gyn doc did not mention that Fostem affected the kidneys.

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